Intraclub OR Match Sim Training

Hey Blitzers,

It looks like every other club around the country has already or are training with full match simulation/contact OR intraclub games. Is there a plan for this occur with our mob or are we just going to ■■■■■ foot around like every training video I have seen so far?


they already have. full contact match simulation twice a week like every other club in the comp is allowed to do. but carry on.

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Most of the training reports I have read have suggested otherwise…

I would have thought with a contested game against the Swans in 9 days time, they would be cracking in.

Didn’t you hear?

Zaharakis lead a team protest to avoid contact in training…


sounds about right to me! :rofl:

My understanding was contact training in small groups twice a week in the “mini pre-season”, but only 2 full match sims in groups of over 8 for the whole duration.

By the look of it i think we’ve done one of our two full match sims.

You’re not reading hard enough then. Saturday’s and Tuesday’s they do full training with Match Sim. Not doing a full practice match, nor would I expect any other club to do so given the nature of the preparation they’re allowed to do.


It’s also been mentioned that we’re playing on a Sunday arvo, (eg compared to Collingwood playing on Thursday night,) so our contact sessions are possibly delayed to take that into account.


Full contact match sim not a good idea for us.
In the history of Australian Rules Football we are the team most susceptible to injuries.


you’re not looking hard enough then mate.

Check out all the other teams i.e. Richmond, Collingwood etc.

yeah thats right. was hoping there might be one planned for this weekend perhaps?

No idea. I just log on to Blitz every day hoping to see @Nackers typing.

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Glad we are not playing pies or tigers first up

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Just to reiterate, for the super duper thickies.

Again, every club was allowed 2 full contact, full squad match sims in total for the whole pre-season.

Every club was allowed 2 full contact sessions a week in groups of under 8 for the whole pre-season.

Richmond play on a Thursday, we play on a Sunday, it would make sense for us to do ours later. I’ve seen footage of what looked like 1 full squad session.


In that case the club should have an intra club match Thursday or Friday next week

Do we even have enough players available to have an Intraclub match?

Saturday’s training will be as close to a scratch match we will have. Next week will be all about refreshing the players for round 2.


I’d say probably a bit earlier than that. They would want 6ish days turnaround you’d think? Especially with limited work loads. I’m no expert though.

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we should have a intra club match, 2 days before an actual match?

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