Investment advice

With no further context can’t say. But likely not!

An allocated pension is how most people entering retirement phase draw down I think. Long way away still for me. It would be a tax question I assume.

My blitz advice might be take the lump sum and blow it on a fast car and fast women :rofl:


Whoops, “allocated” pension is basically the obsolete name of “account-based” pensions – i.e. the standard tax-free super account.

Sorry, I’m used to conspiracy nuffies suggesting @handypoint‘s approach.


If you want the tax benefits, particularly tax free, keep it inside the superannuation environment.

If you take it outside the environment, your investment return and income will need to compensate for the extra tax.

And mine is in what used to be called an allocated pension. I suppose they standardised the name to account-based to include transition to retirement pensions.


Just don’t die while the funds are still in the super environment, the fund will then cop a 15% tax. it’s a fine art to die just after you fully draw down your private pension.

… if you don’t have dependents, who would get it tax-free.

Good point

Im into momentum funds at the moment.(researching and may start investing in them)

I like the idea - trading out the worst and accumulating the best recent performers- but just think they may have high fees due to the transaction costs of automated trading regularly.

Anyone into these as well invested and can relay thoughts on performance?

I’ve looked into Momentum a little bit.

My rough thoughts:

  • A Momentum portfolio tends to be carried up into high-PE levels overall…in my mind, it’s kind of at the opposite end of the scale to Value investing (buying low PE stocks that are out of favour, and their share price has probably been lagging/declining).
  • A Momentum portfolio will probably outpace the overall market in a rising environment…of course, these are hot stocks!
  • But in a sell-off, these Momentum stocks tend to sell off harder than the market. That’s because it’s a high PE portfolio…(conversely, the Value stocks finally show some defensiveness during a sell off).
  • I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to construct a Momentum portfolio yourself. The transaction costs are too high. And it’s too hard to get diversification, to protect yourself from that horrible day when a company makes a shock announcement and its Momentum disappears in a flash.
  • Overall, at an index scale, through an ETF, the factor works…I think it magnifies the gradient on the escalator upwards…but the elevator shaft bear market falls are also magnified. Perhaps eyeball this:

Yeah its only a market. And finding one too be narrow enough.

Anything to pick up on boom stocks and ride the next wave.

I value invest when picking shares.

Dependents is the most common misspelling in superannuation.

Followed by foregone benefits.

Should be dependants and forgone.


Has anyone used Stake for ASX shares?

It’s cheap, so I’m just wondering whether it’s a smooth user experience.

(I’d actually be using their SMSF product, and paying for immediate turnaround of sale proceeds)

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