Is Essendon 'hard to deal with'?

I’m sick of the media repeating ad nauseum that Essendon is “hard to deal with”. Is there ANY basis for this reputation? I feel like we’ve been reamed more often than not over the last few years.

I need a balanced assessment to deal with some anti-EFC colleagues!

Read Gary buckenara’s article on what happens during the trade period. Gives an explanation from his experience. A lot has to do with Sheedy.

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Surely all tough negotiators would be labelled “hard to deal with”
A soft negotiator would probably be labelled as a fool.


Sheedy era fact that has simply become common wisdom. Now repeated ad nauseum by mouth breathers.


Perception is reality so yes. It’s a good opportunity to change this during the current trade period.

deals for for the following players suggest otherwise:
stewart crameri
patrick ryder
michael hibberd
jake carLOL
offered cale hooker up twice for fair compensation.

fk the media. and the police. jks about the police bit.


I think you have that wrong. Perception is not reality at all, it is assumption.


“Essendon never never never gets any trades done, we can’t ever seem to close a deal, ffs”

“Essendon hard to deal with?? That’s such bullsh/t, we are awesome at trading”


Ive chatted to a list manager and he said the Bombers always overrate their players and underrate yours. He said the club’s notorious for it but seem to be trying to change that reputation.


This so much.
Speaking to my mate about it and that was exactly his thoughts aswell. He also said that our attitude seems to be to always try and screw the opposition whereas sometimes you have to take a honourable loss. He also said we are appear to be changing our attitude a bit


Such as getting crap for Cameri and Ryder?


This is from the Donald Trump school of zero sum game negotiation which is basically to never back down. It doesn’t work.

Negotiation is very nuanced and the objective is to get to our goal, which often means helping others to get to their goal - or at least think they are getting there.

Sheedy sounded like he tried to play 11 dimensional chess when and simply common sense trade would have been the go.

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Sure, what opposition negotiators want is an easy deal, a fire sale, so they can walk in and get the deal done without having to work hard to actually negotiate.

Same clubs who ask for 2 first rounders for their players and won’t back down?

Donald Trump/Net worth
3.5 billion USD

Maybe if Trump was a better negotiator he would be worth $35Bn. however, I would take the 3.5


We can take this over to the politics thread if you like but you are 1) kidding yourself if you think he is worth that much 2) he inherited it 3) has been bust 5 times and bailed out… he can’t negotiate his way out of a pee stained bed which is why he has not built his wall, changed tax, repealed ACA. He has achieved literally nothing.


No, I am not taking it to the politics thread, but I can assure you I am no fan of Trump. Full stop.

Our hands were tied to some extent due to the saga in those instances.
Only stating what people say and that in the past there have been managers who have pushed their players to other clubs to avoid dealing with us

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I’m calling bull crap on this though (not you the talk).

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Well of late, most clubs coming after our players were all after a bargain. We were evil after all and a bad workplace.

Still, this is how I’d rate our trades

Melksham for 25 - Win
Ryder for 17 and 37 - Fair
Hibberd and 59 for 29 and 68 - Fair
Crameri for 26 (originally 22) - Fair
Carlisle and Pick 23 and Pick 44 for Pick 5, Pick 24 and Bird - Fair

Really, no one got screwed by trading with us and we didn’t screw anyone over IMV. Adrain obviously likes the negotiation and other club recruiters might not be of the same ilk. Like in life, some love the negotiation and when a deal is struck are happy regardless of the process knowing this is business. Others don’t like negotiating and feel everyone is out to screw them as they aren’t up for the process.

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