Is gift wrapping Collingwood a top 4 spot, and losing to them twice in a season when you should of won both

Good enough reason, to burn the scarf and get rid of this team forever.

Every 5 game streak the pies have against us we’ll still one back and over celebrate it while achieving nothing all season and it won’t be Anzac Day because that’s important.

Absolute loser club

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Not if they crash out in straight sets

Burn the scarf is a tad harsh
I thought it was a good game of footy
Reckon our “style” will hold up in finals (provided we get there)
Still got those coast to coasts to rectify, but we played some bloody good footy

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Some people really are whiners in here.


They aren’t that good.

Should have beaten them twice this year.

Bunch of ferals

I am honestly shocked that we lost that. Just unbelievable from the position we were in with 10 mins to go and then again with 1 minute. Just genuinely unbelievable. ■■■■ this ■■■■ lol.

Please all you whingers on here. Back the trash talk you constantly dish out and go follow another team. It’s beyond tiresome.





I am not a whinger. I am a fan who has been through 20 years of Essendon bullshit and I am entitled to an ETA on it ending. Being pea hearted nobodies isn’t new for Essendon, infact it’s been every season since 2001

Says the person who wants to burn their paraphernalia.

Do it.

Well… bye.