Italian Earthquake

Death toll from the earthquake has now been revised to at least 247 with many more still unaccounted for.

Just terrible

We’re very lucky here in Australia.

mum’s got relos about 80km from there. some buildings fallen in their town, but luckily for them everyone ok. still ■■■■ scared though, so intense.

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I just recently went to Norcia, and earlier in the year Amatrice. It’s awful to think so many people that you passed in the streets, talked to in shops and restaurants, might no longer be here.
Amatrice is the home of the famous Amatriciana pasta, we ate a fantastic meal in a traditional trattoria and afterwards had a chat to the owner. I remember he had a little girl, hopefully they’re well. Norcia is renowned for its truffles and prosciutto. Lovely part of the world.
We are on outskirts of northern Rome, so around 150 km from the epicentre, we slept through it.

EDIT: The neighbours felt it apparently.

Just terrible. I was reading about how much of the damage from the 2009 earthquake is yet to be fixed. Weirdly enough that '09 earthquake was at the exact same time (3:30am) and at the exact same depth (10km).