Its pretty simple

64 Melbourne sacked Norm Smith after a heap of flags, theyre sill trying to win one, our board at the time misled and flat out lied to Sheedy, it ripped the club apart and we are still trying to recover from it

Long bow

End thread



It’s not that simple. Sheedy should have been sacked earlier, however they ■■■■■■ up by hiring an inexperienced coach and surrounding him with inexperienced assistant coaches.

The set up we had for Hird was perfect.

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Stop making new threads, just post in existing one: simplesness

Long bow? Its been 15 years since we won a finals match, Sheedy was Essendon, in so many ways, now we are a continuing rabble



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You make a thread with your first post claiming something that is pure speculation and totally different to Norm Smith. Sheedy’s time had passed well and truly. Smith won a flag the previous year.

If it’s so simple, how come you haven’t done it yet?

Do I look like a guy with a plan?

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Welcome to Blitz. Not quite sure what this thread is about, but if its about the coach, the board our record then its all covered in other threads and perhaps you should be posting there.

In principle…

I do agree that Knights wasn’t given a whole lot of help.

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I think you mean “if you’re good at something never do it for free”. QUOTE FAIL

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The simple answer is had Hird accepted Mark Williams as his senior assistant and not ■■■■■■ Bomber who brought those 2 filthy fkn grubs with him, we would be sitting here with the reputation of one our greatest players intact, the reputation of this club intact and a couple of finals wins.


Grammar is pretty simple too.

I don’t remember this part of the Batman movie. Maybe it was in the directors cut or something?


Was Williams really interested in an Assistant Coaching role?
If so, then that makes wim a sad panda.

Wasn’t the original idea floated in “that thread”

Williams as head coach, Hird to do an apprenticeship before taking over.