Jackie and Tiffany the Comic!

I’ve had many requests for pictures of Tiffany well here they are in our first Jackie and Tiffany comic which means that bomberblitz is the only fan website with its own comic. I have shown the cover and the first two pages I hope you like it. If you want a copy of the comic contact me at [email protected] This is not a commercial operation, the comic is not for sale, but a donation to help defray postage and printing would be appreciated.

Tiff wishes you happy reading.

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Mine arrived yesterday, great breakfast reading today. Exceeded all expectations for quality and content. Superb!


Did that just say…

Oh, it says Hatbox. Never mind.

Carry on.


What else could a red-blooded BomberBlitzer say?

…maybe phwaaaaaaw!

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Is that Bin in the picture?

That’s our great friend Wheely Bin and his girlfriend Wendy who currently are appearing in the story Jackie, Fritzi, Wheely, Wendy and Wally Windsock.

Great stick mag!

Is that Bin in the picture?

on ya JM

What is this I don’t even.

Do they still have Post Office boxes?

This is the greatest. I absolutely want a copy.

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This is the greatest. I absolutely want a copy.

I still have about 100 left and I’m happy to send you one. Please send me your postal address at [email protected]

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Major lol like your work Jackie

Btw is that supposed to be David Myers on the right in the first cartoon …seems to be mighty pleased seeing tiffany au naturel:)

David Myers not playing in 2000.


I like how on the front, the Barlow Comics advertisement implies this is aimed at kids yet the cover has a naked woman.

Just sent you an email.

Great artwork. Tiff looks very talented !!

I think this might actually be the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet. And that’s saying something…

Peak blitz

Fanfaction of blitz. I never.

This exudes seedy.