James Hird: In football again*


Its a crying shame, but I think that's a ways off


Lets not forget the make up of a GF crowd either.

Corporates by the 10's of thousands, .. MCC members actually turn up, etc.

There actually isn't many of the baying nuffies there these days, so it would all depend on the teams playing's fans, .. if one of them is GWS,for example ... they are unlikely to know much about it or give much of a toss, .. they also love Sheeds, and Sheeds loves Hirdy.

The teams with the most problematic mobs won't be there, Farklton, Flogs, Dorkthorn, .. only Ninthmond maybe, ... soooo


Kudos to you for consistently rolling out that line for the past 5 years, outstanding effort. :clap:


Tony Jones on 3AW this morning took the view that Hird has done his time and deserves to be allowed to present the medal.
It smacks of the AFL, and the football public, being ready to forgive him.
Fark that!! It is Hird who should be doing the forgiving, if he so chooses.
I personally am way past caring what the football world thinks about these things. They can screw themselves as far as I am concerned.
I would love Hird to present the Crichton medal, and he would get, and deserve, a standing ovation if he did.
I resent the non Essendon football world feeling like they have any influence over Hird and his legacy. He belongs to us, and it is our right to treat him the way he deserves.


Guess you didn't see the Hodge retiring thread, it's all the same ■■■■ with a slightly different smell. Keyboards bring out the best in people.


It's a really strange phenomenon. Experience tells me that I can easily get along with just about anyone face-to-face. But an online community? So many people seem like absolute farkwits. A mixture of people playing out their ulterior personalities incognito, trolling and inciting, not having or thinking they do not need social skills online, the safe feeling of no repercussions, the hero factor and almost adulation farkwits get with 'edgey' comments, the pitiful, yearning need to feel wanted and liked, and of course, small penises.


I have several of those qualities. Maybe more.


Internet big guy syndrome.


Only if you're a peanut



Robert Shaw rambles like an old man. His footy insights are good but he's no good on radio.


I agree. Your brain feels like it's done a half marathon after listening to him.


Though true, I would far rather listen to a rambling old man talk knowledgeably about football, than some sharp wanker making shiit up.

Scott Lucas, for me, is the best radio person currently on air.


That's a very well dressed peanut.


S Lucas is very good.


So who at the AFL is having an affair? I know that it is serious because the Hird thing is suddenly front and centre in the news.


Ahm....it's naked?
Oh - the top-hat. Kinky.


Apart from a tophat, monocle, very smart loafers coupled with what look like calf high Argyle socks.


I bet he's wearing pink lingerie underneath that deceptively tough shell.



It's so disheartening to read comments on social media - people are so cruel. The AFL hung Hird out to dry and he copped it from all and sundry until it almost broke him. But it didn't. Champion.