James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Have you checked out the Stargazer history forum?


You must have checked out the Stargazer history forum.


It was medial ligament he did the next week. He got 15 possessions and kicked a goal from the half forward flank


Geez Robert Shaw was good on the latest podcast.


I didn’t think so.


Me either… I kept listening hoping it got better but it just got worse and worse.


It was weird. He seemed a bit strange and rambling


Yep… kinda like he had an agenda to promote and was not deviating. I was looking forward to an analysis of our game and got ‘Why weren’t they playing like that all year’


Yep, exactly. And I think the other two gave him too much leeway and deference, to be honest.


That’s funny, … that’s exactly how I found his blog write ups., disconnected and rambling.


Reaffirmed my stance on his academic journals he releases weekly.


You put it perfectly there was a point where Ralph stopped him to thank the people who leave iTunes reviews and it was the most awkward moment of the podcast to date.
It was good to hear him speak about the kids he coached but yeah strange cat nonetheless.


Yeah I have always found him a little crazy and the podcast didn’t do much to dissuade that.


I liked him on the podcast, but could tell it got a bit awkward when they started talking on sorry saga related topics.


would not shut up when someone else was trying to talk, wouldn’t directly answer questions, politician like.

i switched off half way through.


A lot of it was very good and really interesting. I didn’t like the saga part though, the point he tried to make about if Hird did an apprenticeship under Sheedy, things wouldn’t have played out the way they did.

The saga didn’t happen because Hird didn’t have a coaching apprenticeship. I don’t think thats what Shaw was alluding too but it could have been taken that way by others. He was better off keeping off the subject.


Shawry said that in Sheedy’s last year, he offered to coach two more years with Hird as senior assistant. But the board wanted Knights instead.

I’d never heard that before.


what could have been


I thought it was amazing. Enthralling in fact.


Neither had I, I am shocked to hear it to be honest. Sheeds had reinvented himself many times over and with Hirdy to teach and leave would have reinvigorated his love of coaching and footy in general. Kinda like what GWS did for him, which he was fantastic at.

So instead of keeping one of the greatest coaches in history, and a great producer of successful senior coaches with a transition to a guy he thought could succeed him. We sacked him, retired Hird, and installed a guy who had done sweet ■■■■ all at any level in coaching. A total unproven person.

Gee the board and Jackson seriously ■■■■■■ up! And we have paid the price for it ever since.

Just goes to show how important the selection of board members is!