James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


I feel like it’s funny that someone can be saying “is it time we let Hirdy back into the football landscape”, when Wayne Carey is a prominent figure on TV and Radio and he literally glassed his ex Girlfriend. No one bats an eye at that.


Is that like a smarmy git who’s so bad the smarmy-ness comes in great numbers like a swarm of rats?


I reckon that’s a good description of what I was trying to say.


is this the new “i don’t watch the footy show” thread?

if so, i don’t watch the footy show.


James Hird, assistant coach 2019.


‘* Probably wont happen


It was a car commercial the Jim and Crawf were in. Hope they got plenty.


thanks for putting that up I didn’t watch it last night …pity it was so short


& Hird actually in fact didn’t do anything other than want a fair go for the players !! He was charged with nothing by ASADA …CAS didn’t even know who he was when the prosecution mentioned him …he was crucified for the AFL’s need to have a victim for the anti doping brigade & the media helped them…we didn’t even dope funnily enough the main villain Dank was not even charged with giving a banned substance to players at Essendon!!! his conviction was for other offences in other sports …why shouldn’t Hird be allowed back he never should have been cast out in the first place !!!


Kudos to Sam who is still sticking up for Jimmy at every opportunity.
He had a dig at people who thought they knew what went on and, again, espoused JH’s outstanding character.
Until Eddie gave him the hurry up, naturally.


saga thread


Sam is probably sticking up for Hirdy purely to stick it up The Establishment.

Sam’s another version of Mark Latham.


Maguire obviously had to say what he did (maybe this explains the Gill Hird meeting) and fat Ed looked remarkably guilty when he did. I wonder why?


wtf was The Footy Show doing on a Tuesday night?


What’s it doing on any night?


Sounds suffocating. How unintentionally apt that expression is in that context.


Losing ratings from what I can gather


Yep they’re rightfully getting smashed by the Front Bar


I don’t like Sam much at all.
But one thing I know from having shared a common friend, is that if he is your mate, he will stick like glue, come hell or high water.


Not fair AN.

Latham is a lunatic. Sam is about the most honest bloke you would ever meet.


Unfortunately Hirdy was not a favourite son to all at Essendon by the end including some of the playing group.

The risk that any of the players remaining would be insulted to see him back in any official coaching capacity would not be worth it.

Anyway, it is all random musings as he isn’t coming back to coach us anytime soon.

Would love to see him brought back into the fold in some capacity at least. I still love him. ■■■■ the haters.