James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Jimmy Jr doesn’t have a driver’s license.


One thing you can say about Hird is he should not ride a bike in traffic.


I’m comfortably satisfied that Vlad was driving.


If only his bike cable had more strands it may have been able to withstand the impact


I think someone should get hirdy a wahoo trainer so he can get his cycling kms in at home.


He should get the VW back off Stephanie.




Just a podcast listener


Report said non life threatening (thank ■■■■) wrist and knee injuries… get well soon James.


Listening to the ol podcast in the bushes outside his house huh


Hard as a cats head. Jim will be fine. If the saga couldn’t end him, getting hit by a car shouldn’t even register a blip for him


James Hird. Now there’s a guy who’s injury prone.


Let’s all remember a happier time.


My sources up here have informed me the car was a Range Rover driven by a bloke in a cap.

I can neither confirm nor deny this.

Make of it what you will



Non-life threatening injuries?

You should see the car, it had to be put down.




Jimmy “Crash” Hird.

Riding those skinny tyred things on City streets, with oil slicks, Cats eyes, Tram tracks Hydrant covers etc et fkn cetera, not to mention Idiot drivers on Phones in Cars and Trucks, is like having a death wish.

There’s about 2mm of rubber touching asphalt ffs, add just a touch of rain, and it’s even worse.

Take up Downhill Mountain Bike Racing James, … you’d truly be much safer.


Thanks for the memories :slightly_smiling_face:.

(I had forgotten how much I disliked Fraser Brown til I saw him in that clip)


Maybe he should ride a penny farthing. He’d look like a right fool but at least he’d be noticed.


James Hird: Nearly got his lid knocked right off!