James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Because a fall from two metres high couldn’t possibly hurt


Not if you are wearing an inflatable sumo suit


Crazy how thin tyers are on those racing bikes will never buy one for the simple fact that you can easily slip over


Two wheels makes slipping over easy no matter what type of bike, I’ve done it on all types, just need to lose traction at the front, especially in a turn and your gone, although I have never come down on the road on a racing bike (only on a criterion circuit, but that is another story).

James was reported to be minding his own business in a bike lane with a car turning in front of him, so “slipping over” was not the issue.

The problem is you have almost no protection on a bike, and drivers do stupid things sometimes (as do cyclists, but not in this case), at least his head was protected and he didn’t get concussion this time.

Interestingly though, he suffered a lot more serious injuries playing football, and spent a lot less time on the football field compared to time on his bike.

No one told him should stop playing football.


I have seen an airbag helmet (at least on youtube), but I have also wondered if it would be feasible to invent an airbag for your whole body, more or less turning you into a flattish beach ball before impact.

So you never know about the sumo suit.



The solution to Hird getting hurt on the road being riding a penny farthing while wearing a sumo suit is the best example of a committee I’ve ever seen.


You can get airbags vests and jackets for motorcycles and in fact they are used in moto GP.

We should pitch in and get Jimmy one.



He used to be so good in traffic


Farking hipsters.


Wheely good.


didn’t know you spoke for him


Yes they did.

Many in the media speculated he should retire when his foot injury re-occurred.

Also I remember some debate when he had the collision with McVeigh too.


lycra virgin


It looks dodgy but the only time people crash on road bikes is in to each other.


Its all that time he spent in Frogland i mean France , cycling round the Awful Tower, wee wee, baugetts and frogs-legs and stuff, has given him cycle fever…Get yourself a Renault or Citroen and get it out of your system mate…


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James Hird’s shocking injuries after being hit by car while on bike

Essendon great James Hird has revealed his left wrist was shattered in 20 places and his leg broken when he was hit by a car last week.
Hird expects to be released from the Epworth Hospital in the coming days after extensive surgery to piece him back together.
“When my wrist was sort of going sideways I realise there was something wrong,” he said yesterday from his hospital bed.
“I have eight pins in my knee and eight in the wrist.
“Unfortunately it is my left wrist and my left leg so I am going to have a bit of trouble getting around on crutches. Logistically it will be interesting.
“I am feeling a lot better and hopefully in six weeks time I will be walking around again.
“I don’t have to play any more elite football so that is OK.”
The break in Hird’s left leg is through the knee joint.
Hird was knocked from his bike as he rode along Burnley St shortly before 3pm last Wednesday.
Hird, 45, said he sincerely wanted to thank everyone who came to his aid and helped him following his accident.
“It is an unfortunate accident. The lady (who hit him) was so upset, she was crying and I said to her, ‘It’s OK, I’m not going to die’,’’ he said.
“The bystanders who came to help me were wonderful. There were three of four people who stopped and lifted me off the road and I am very thankful.
“The ambulance staff, the nurses at Epworth and Andrew Oppy the surgeon who worked on me have all been great and Tania (his wife) and my family have been incredible.
It is the second time in recent years that Hird has been injured while bike riding in Melbourne.
He admitted he might have to reassess his chosen mode of inner city transport.
“It is bad luck really,” he said.
“I will get back on my feet and then have a think about it.
“I might stick to bike paths, although I was actually in a bike lane when it (this recent accident) happened.”
A 36-year-old Richmond woman was yesterday issued with an infringement notice over the crash.


Shocking injuries is a bit of a stretch tho.