James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


I don’t know anything in particular about the chocolate company or whatever, but I think a lot of the attitudes on here towards Red Sash reflect his habit of trawling twitter (and sometimes Blitz) for trade, draft, and/or saga rumours, and then reposting them while shouting BIG BREAKING NEWS and pretending that he’s getting secret inside info from people close to the club. Fairly high opinion of himself is the impression I’ve gotten, and fairly interested in telling everyone else about how they should share that opinion.


And she is wrong. Yallouz didn’t do anything to give Hird a public profile, or a job promoting chocolate. What he did was to use Hird’s already established profile, and some of his cash, to assist him in establishing a chocolate distribution business.


Thanks for sharing that. I admit to being pretty ill informed as I did not know Yallouz = Red Sash, and only knew that alias because of various posts here.


Thanks @Humble_Minion for finally sharing this great gnostic revelation. If someone will go into business with Hird in his hour of need (which should of course benefit Yallouz as well) then I can probably cope with him pumping himself up a bit. I sincerely appreciate you raising the conversation above tearoom gossip level.


Isn’t Yallouz an EFC coterie member?


Yep… Essendonians.

He also runs a catering business at Tullamarine


If that has anything to do with airport food retailers then I reckon he owes me a couple of hundred


Have I missed something, who in the hell is yallouz?


So, is it BS that the club asked Hird to not attend the Crichton and later let it be known that he was welcome back, but not just yet ( when Evans was being paraded around)
And was Danny Corcoran not telling the truth in reporting Fitzpatrick’s comment that his mate would not get a job in football again? And that Freo felt obliged to check in with the AFL before offering Hird a job?


What has any of that got to do with Yallouz?


Isn’t the OP that was the most ridiculous thing posted on blitz ever that Yazoo would work with him when others would not?

Isn’t that…what this was about?


it was WRT the sentence in her previous post before the Yallouz comment.


I think Ya Red Sash should be strung up for choosing a business partner that a. needed and wanted the job; and b. had something unique to offer the business to increase its chances of success.


Ah, ok.

I can’t really comment on what the club did in regards to Hird and the B & F because I don’t know. All I have heard are the same rumours as everyone else. I do know he is welcome back anytime. I do know he has been back more than once. I do know he has zero time for Xavier Campbell. As for Corcoran I have no idea. But even though I wouldn’t trust either Cocoran or Fitzpatrick, I think given Fitzpatricks behaviour in other things it is more than likely true. With the Freo situation we will never know whether Freo did that because they felt they had too, or for other reasons related to it’s relationships with the AFL. Whatever the case it made for a good headline.

As for Yallouz, he is a dishonest, desperate to be part of the in crowd Essendonian who has been twisting facts, inventing stories and situations, pumping up interactions, the majority of which have been fictional, between himself and the club, and it’s more high profile personnel, for many many years. This I know through people involved, and through my own involvement. And I stand by my post above about him.


I know you are just responding to questions Boot so this is not directed at you, but maybe we should leave the political stuff for the saga thread.

This thread should be for celebrating Jimmy the legend.


Absolutely agree KM.
I had planned on saying no more anyway.


If irrelevant.


I strongly object to the imputation about Danny Corcoran. He is as honest as the day is long. If the AFL and EFC weren’t shameless they would change their heads in shame for what they did to him.


Would we be able to tell?


Take it as fact that the Red Sash is one of the biggest ■■■■■■■ wankers going around. Just ask any of his employees or anyone that has anything to do with him.