James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


And the boys whom phoned her up and called her a witch. She was very offended.

Congrats boys, there aren’t many who can get through her thick armour.


Hope this link works. For those that missed out last time. Hird and Fletch talk.


Mountain view hotel


Uncensored, stripped back and raw?

Not since Rodney Rude has showbiz promised to work so blue…


Sounds like a conversation after painters have just finished preparing an old surface.


South Morang


Imagine @Koala if Jobe was there and he was stripped back too!




Have you been to one of these ? Any interesting insight? Particularly keen to know how they both feel about the media scoundrels and conversations with Caro and her crew.


Excellent night, they talk about everything and they answer genuine questions from the audience. It’s a real insight.


Can you give a summary?

Any particular questions or answers stand out? Did they discuss the current team at all?


I did one at the time, somewhere in here.

He was asked about Woosha and said he is the man for the job.


Yet wordwhorewitch and twatley both recently stated he was trying to replace woosh. What worries me is www will retire, or just wither away soon, but all my hate will just redouble onto mr 360, and I’ll be no happier.




Such a super star. :heart_eyes:


Geebus. I know it’s a highlight reel, but some of that stuff is other-Worldly. I’d forgotten how freakish he was.


Today it would be free-kick Collingwood


Captain Courageous!


When he left EFC’s heart went with him.