Japan’s new whaling ‘mother ship’ being built to travel as far as Antarctica

Japan is a great country with a long history, much of it proud and worthy of celebration, but the idea that passing on their “whaling culture” to the next generation is a worthwhile aim, is as ludicrous as it is disgusting. I enjoyed my time working in Japan back in 2006; one of the things I learnt about Japan back then was that the great majority of Japanese people are against whaling; the only people who support it are the small handful of communities whose men work on the whaling ships and the upper-class super-rich for whom whale meat is an exotic food, the enjoyment of which is a perquisite of their exalted status.

Japan might be a friendly nation, but it is high time our government let them know that the construction of this huge whaler is an abomination, and that its presence will be extremely unwelcome in our southern waters.


Torpedo the ■■■■■■■■■■■■


My old boss (Japanese) reckoned they were given whale meat at school, just to keep consumption up, and that really no one goes out of their way to eat it.

Maybe a bit like the yanks with guns.

And Aussies with their casual racism.

Hope it hits an iceberg


WTF are you on about??


my old man used to be on a whaling ship out of albany over here. how times have changed

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They closed the Albany whaling station in 1978. High time. It was the last whaling station in Australia, a real anachronism.

The 1986 international whaling moratorium allowed a very small number of whales to be taken for “scientific study” The effing Norwegians have abandoned that agreement and the Japanese are following them.

Japan will be the death of all whales.

Still are


One of my brothers is in Japan currently for a month and said that he has come across vending machines selling whale meat in Tokyo.

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Yeah, I read about that recently. Apparently the sales were good so they’ve added more.

To be fair, you can buy ANYTHING from a Japanese vending machine.


Australia led the international charge against whale killings. There were statistics to support a save the whale campaign.
At the international trade level, Australia was also leading the charge in opening up red meat export markets in countries lacking the farmland or climate to sustain red meat production on a sufficient scale to feed the local population.
I think it’s called enlightened self interest , like France and Australia , big nickel producers, leading the charge against under sea mining in Antarctica

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What’s it taste like?


I ate it in Iceland years ago, aged variety, a lot cheaper than red meat at the time.
It was fine, special cooking and treatment, more meaty, not as smelly or tasty as the aged shark which was preserved in the ground for years


Whaling is simply cruel, barbaric and unnecessary. I feel sick to the core thinking about it.

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What’s the difference between hunting other wild animals ( apart from necessary culling)?



I don’t like hunting at all.

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