Jarrad McVeigh


Some of the stuff being thrown around to why we should get him is ridiculous

in no way do I want him taking up a spot on the list. No fkn way


Probably right which makes the urgency of the situation all the more serious.


McVeigh ? Yeah nah.


Can he kick in after a behind, you know to an actual team mate so they can take a mark and move the ball into attack? If so I don’t care how old he is…


Lol, not after he arrives here and has our players in our kick in formations. He’ll look exactly like Goddard and Hurley, good kicks who for “some reason” look crap taking kick ins.


So the way to catch up to teams like Sydney is to take their discarded rubbish?


Not sure why people are complaining. Our backline of McVeigh, Boyd and Lulumba is going to get the job done.


Man, the off-season seems to start earlier and earlier every year.


Arguably played his best 2 games in the past 3 weeks, not sure why we’re jumping up and down about cutting him now. He might do enough, I suspect he’ll be rookied.


Wouldn’t surprise me if we did rookie him. It’s the sort of mistake we’ve made many times over.

A couple of 10 touch VFL games from a full-time footballer should not be enough to get another contract.


It’s a pretty low base when the VFL watchers were saying how much better he was playing last week and yet ended up only having 10 touches for the game.


Lol, yep. The draft would have to be ■■■■■■ thin to be considering keeping Morgan.


Nick Hind from the VFL team would be a smarter choice than McVeigh or Morgan.


He’s missed the best part of 18 months so yes, that’s about as low a base as you can get.

He looks like he’s starting to trust his body and use his pace

I don’t know if he’ll ever be great but he could be something useful.


There would be plenty I would chop first, there are guys we know can’t do what we need, he’s just a big question mark.

Can fill in those blanks nicely from the rookies though.


I’d say we’re abit concerned that in terms of running half back, all our eggs are placed in one basket with McKenna and Gleeson.

Kelly has been so valuable to settle the smalls down back. I’d say we’re wanting the same thing with McVeigh.


Redman has apparently been doing well as a HBF, may not be up to their standard but if it allows conor/mcgrath to push up to the wing/midfield might be a better aggregate benefit?


You could make the argument that he is the first to be delisted. We have had two years working with him and his near best performance is 10 possessions in the twos, which would have him at the bottom of the list in terms of pure output. I’m assuming the poor performance is largely based on his continual hamstring issues and the lack of confidence he has in his body. If we re-contract him, rookie or main list, it would have to be based on the ascertain that we now think we can ‘manage’ his body and there is some upside, otherwise it’s a very easy decision.


l look forward to this ti me next year, when the next ‘Pops’ replacement candidate is poo - pooed.


Redman doesn’t seem to get the ball enough as required perhaps (or he’s not not knocking Hurley/Gleeson/Kelly out of the best 22)… however I like him and think he could make a good, aggressive half back… I really hope the club have a plan for him.