JLT 2 vs Geelong, Colac, Sunday 11/3/18 1.05pm Fox


Smith is alteady one of my favourite players to watch. Hard at it, relentless and skilled. Will be a fan favourite I’m certain.


join the 5mith bandwagon.


@karmabomber is the leader isn’t he?



A maritime term. A sail, run off the jib. The ‘cut’ would be how it’s trimmed for maximum efficiency.
Or sumpin.


Better than a few Blitz-crowd favs, actually.


So…Begley had gastro also?


TBC showed real intent today,hopefully he keeps it up.




Myers with 6 centre clearances and 5 inside 50’s played well.
I think the tall trio of Hooker, Stewart and Daniher is pretty well cemented if they keep last years form up.
Good to see Stringer flash in but it’s obvious he needs to build up the tank.
Geelong did well to curb any form of run from Saad and Conner which was a little disappointing.
2nd quarter we just banged it in long and wasted the advantage.
McGrath did really well in the last quarter.
We got beaten by both GC and Geelong in the JLT series last year so I’m not really sure of the conclusions you can draw about our form yet.


Um, yes? Unless there is some innuendo I’ve missed, I’ve just said its easier to find a tall defender than a tall forward?

Or is it because I used the word “decent”, which underplays how good Hooker is?


Read the opposite to me ie easier to find a tall forward than a tall defender


You’re right. Although I read it as Ant intended originally.


It definitely reads the other way Ants. You’re saying it’s hard to find someone who can play decently on tall forwards…ie harder to find a defender


Our major hole was the need for a quality full back. We had an AA full back do very little at FF, yesterday. With Gleeson gone, I’d play Daniher and Stewart up front and rotate Langford and Stringer through the forward line and centre. Langford coupd be a gun f flanker. Hooker goes back. Prefer him as a swingman


With Gleeson out, surely woosha swallows his pride and puts hooker back. Hooker does nothing up forward most of the time and could be crucial down back. Make the switch now and at least give him two weeks to prepare mentally for the challenge.


There was 71 free kicks paid yesterday.


I ■■■■■■ hope the umpires use JLT to blow the cobwebs out because that was disgraceful


What utter nonsense. Hooker plays a crucial role up forward in either clunking it or bringing the ball to advantage for the crumbers and he kicked 40 goals last year. Which probably should have been 50 if he could kick straight.

Stewart is not that sort of player nor anyone else. Daniher would get double teamed instantly if Hooker goes back.


I dont see the logic in this view.

We dont need solely kpf contested marking machines. The dogs and Richmond proved you dont.

Hooker should be an added luxury up forward , not a staple of how we move the ball forward, ala just bomb it long and hope he marks it.

Cos as you so eolquently pointed out , if he misses a game , the way we play falls apart.
Do you want to rely solely on a system , that if one player misses it all falls apart ?

Daniher and stewart should be our only kpfs now. It wont happen , but thats what it should be.
The only reason hooker was tried forward was cos we didnt have anyone at the time.
Now we do.


Stewart isn’t a KPF. Just because he’s tall doesn’t mean he’s a KPF. He’s a tall HFF