JLT 2 vs Geelong, Colac, Sunday 11/3/18 1.05pm Fox

The Blitz core would go critical and meltdown if a performance like Wangaratta was repeated at Colac.

In our favour maybe even 2 of the DangerSellBlett triumvirate will be wrapped in cotton wool only to be unveiled when 4 points are up for grabs.

But our midfielders really really need a workout against decent opponents, so I would be happy if all 3 played.
But that might risk the China Syndrome on blitz !

There will be a VFL practice game at 4pm after the main game.

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Geelong performed as badly against GCS as we did against Richmond considering the relative quality of the sides.

Pressure will be on both Geelong and us to bring their A game on Sunday.

Going to be carnage on here if we get demolished again.


They’ll have their best 22 - maybe minus Ablett.

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if we play the same way you could say efc firsts are in a vfl practice match.

At least that’ll be fun

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Having a weeks rest could be an advantage.

So will be have 1x more practice match before round 1?

Like west coast n freo did?

I think we should try to lose because it’s good to practise losing and will ensure that we win the premiership


Both teams seasons are over. It’s a battle for the wooden spoon.

Am I doing it right?


Nah. Pre season means nothing.
Richmond will be bottom.
Geelong and Essendon to play off in the grand final.

Fark Carlton

Somethings just need to be said.


It’s always implied.

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They’ve already teased the prospect of leaving blokes out again for this match. Suggestions last week that they’ve had such a physically demanding pre-season that they don’t need these JLT games for match conditioning.

But… that would mean that I’m wrong…!?!


potentially. Or it could all be garbage and they’ll roll out their best available team for a proper tune up.

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Getting belted by Gold Coast by 9 goals might be enough to get Chris Scott to change is mind about whether they need a more competitive hit out.
Starting 0-6 last year was enough to get the Swans to take JLT seriously so anything’s possible really.

Hard to get excited about the JLT with nothing being televised on FTA.
All I have seen so far is the Ess v Richmond highlights on AFL App, After reading the review thread decided not to bother watching the drubbing…