JLT Form - Anyone concerned?


I did feel concerned after watching both those games but have and will reserve judgement until after 4 rounds.

Would expect at least to be 2 and 2 and this would start to concern me if we were only 2 and 2 anything less totally concerned.

3 and 1 would be quite happy

4 and 0 lid off again!!!


This sort of post is pure evil. Don’t do this to me, don’t get my hopes up.


Carlton and St Kilda Grand Final then


I won’t lie… I had them both in bottom four…


I had West Coast winning the spoon.

Even at the start of finals I wouldn’t have picked those 2 sides to be the grand finalists.


I still have no idea how West Coast actually ended up winning the flag.


Ha. I prefer to live in delusional hope than the alternative. Sure, the let down can be fairly strong, as it is unexpected, but the cool thing is that you get to repeat the delusion again the following year & ignore the past. :rofl:

And one day, I will be able to smugly say “I knew we would win the flag this year”. That’s what I tell myself every year. And I’m sticking with this narrative coz it makes me happy (until it is proven wrong). Going by the hysteria on here following two JLT games, you would think we had just missed the finals by % or something.

Build those hopes up, YT.


Which really proves the point that anything can happen when it comes to footy. And they did it without their main ruckman, an injured KP defender & a lack of ‘big-bodied’ mids that many bang on about on Blitz.


Um, there are exceptions, dude. :laughing:


I had West Coast bottom 4, Collingwood just outside the eight.


Top 8s? For mine

West Coast


Was totally running with it :wink:


West Coast

Dons to then win 4 finals for the flag.


Edited. I forgot adelaide. Them in Sydney out


Yeah, same for me.
Bookmark it.
So I can look like a fool again.


We are going to get smashed

B: Lachie Whitfield, Phil Davis, Zac Williams

HB: Adam Kennedy, Sam Taylor, Heath Shaw

C: Jacob Hopper, Stephen Coniglio, Harry Perryman

HF: Brett Deledio, Harry Himmelberg, Brent Daniels

F: Toby Greene, Jeremy Cameron, Daniel Lloyd

Foll: Dawson Simpson, Tim Taranto, Josh Kelly

I/C: Matt de Boer, Matt Buntine, Adam Tomlinson, Aiden Bonar

Holy ■■■■


We smashed them at home last year.

Can’t see why we can’t do it again.


Keep greene and Cameron quiet. Aside that, I don’t think that forward line will trouble us too much


Team of stars not a Star Team.


Wowee this thread