JLT Form - Anyone concerned?


Remember that stretch where the Blues kept winning the Wizard Cup but were absolute garbage during the main season? Regardless of pre-season form, if you’re ■■■■ you’re ■■■■, and if you’re good you’re good. I’m very confident in the group of players we have and that we will have a good season.


Why would you bring manic pressure in JLT and increase risk of injury ?
Unless of course you were St Kilda or Carlton, with memberships to sell and hope to purvey.


It’s funny nobody is talking about this. It was my main take away from what he said. And it was what pulled us out of our bad start to last season.


But the whole problem is, there are 17 other teams who have been changing game plans, some slower than others and adding ferocious pressure.
Any teams that don’t play the forward half game and bring ferocious pressure will sink by the wayside.

So its going to be pressure from both sides. Not just who brings it, but who can handle it.


To be prepared for the season proper. To test structures, properly. If your not applying pressure how can any defensive structure work? It’s a waste of time may as well play the kids. GPS numbers can be racked up on the training track


I didn’t see a whole lot of high pressure football in the JLT. I’m guessing because teams were trying to avoid injury.


If the team had a great season after an underwhelming JLT series in 2018 then I don’t think people would have cared about this years JLT form but because we did it’s only natural to think we could have a poor start to the season again.


I reckon they have a fair way to go with Rutten based on Heps comments and are a bit frustrated.

We end up sacking him like Neeld, we might just win a bunch of games playing soft footy then get found out in finals.

Or the players adjust, buy in, get results and are successful.


I’m a bit late, but had to acknowledge this post.

■■■■ I laughed… not the greatest look in an airport.


Too much focus on the negatives here, how about some positives:

Tippa freak snap goal
McGrath nifty sidestep run down the middle
Stringer fend off and sprint through the middle
Ham’s brilliant spoils
Hurley sees pack down the wing and decides to chip inboard which was followed by several precision chip passes zig zagging all the way down the ground
Daniher screamer
Tippa deft pickup and evades opponent
Bags fends off opponent and snaps goal
Heppell long goal
Belly playing the role of rover in the forward pocket

There’s more but I haven’t got a replay. Am I concerned? No.


good point, if we were to judge the bout since blitz has been in operation, not knowing when it first started, it would be something like:

optimists 0
pessimists 15


I’m very much looking forward to the day that the clappers can claim that they were right all along.


16 seasons of top 4 finishes would be nice.


And if you did it since the club started, look how far behind you’d be!
What’s the point, here?


Only if you factor in the relative “Gloom - Clap ratio” ™ of other clubs over time.

Frankly, we’ve only won the premiership in around 12% of seasons in which we’ve participated.

Utter Disgrace. Sack the Broad / Shave Seddy


What would be an acceptable percentage, do you think?


I wonder how many people had Wet Toast & the Pies in the granny (with Wet Toast winning) in last year’s preseason? Most pundits had both of those sides missing the finals, yet…

The comp is ridiculously even now (which is a good thing). There is very little separating most teams. And there will be surprises this year (guaranteed). It’s the not knowing that makes footy exciting. We have a good shot at making the finals with the current list. And if everything clicks, there is no reason why we can’t do some serious damage & sneak a flag. The past three premierships teams have proven that anything can & will happen.


Obviously 100%.


Hmmm…yes, yes. I see that now.


Somewhere North of 99, I’d say.

But only by a little.