JLT Form - Anyone concerned?


Clapper - people looking for/ see the positives. Optimistic.

Gloomer - people looking for/see the negatives.

Some chronically gloom & must have difficulty leaving their house for fear of the sky falling.


Around here, basically anybody that’s not cowering in a corner shaking.


People out of touch with reality.


When we kick 6 goals to nil in the first quarter, we are all clappers.
When we come out after half time and our opponents score 6 goals to nil,… we either become abusive and suggest multiple [player delistings, or sit quietly plotting the forced resignation of the whole coaching panel…

Its possible to experience both extremes in the one game.


It is only we scored well when we had momentum.
But geez, i wish we could go on with it and give some sides a belting.
We havent given out many floggins last couple of years.
And playing those cellar dwellers games stay close and turns into a nervous contest that you become very happy to just escape with the win.


Something about that chart tells me the stat is not that pertinent to the season result.



alrighty alright alright it was afugginjoke!



People get obsessed with clearance but they mean little over the grand scheme of things.

It is why I think a one dimensional player like Cripps is overrated.


We don’t know yet, but it is suspected 666 will make centre clearances more influential.

If you watched the 2nd Collingwood game last year, at 3/4 time we were in the game, when somehow we let Pendlebury amble out of the centre square twice in the last quarter for Collingwood goals, you will know what I mean.


Go to footywire.com > team rankings > advanced stats

3rd for Centre clearances
7th for centre clearance differential

13th for stoppage clearances / 3rd for stoppate clearance differential


They are just typical lapses in judgement from us.

Good sides don’t do that.

We should have won that game though if it wasn’t for the umpires.


You really don’t rate Essendon do you?


I am optimistic about this season.

Do I think we are a good side last season or beyond?

You tell me.


Our main mids being cooked as they had to shoulder a much bigger load than usual given the injuries we had in game isn’t error of judgement

Ambrose twang meant Guelfi played back after that

Myers could hardly run and Stringer was hampered also which took them away from any centre square action or effectiveness when there.

We got overrun in last quarter as their midfield was able to run out the game much better.


We really need a % of centre clearances won stat.

as the total clearances doesnt really mean that much, as some clubs may have had more clearances than others
and the differential doesnt mean that much due to the same reason.

But differential probably gives us a better idea of where we are as a club

From the figures i gather we have lots of centre clearances, but not as many stoppages due to our run and gun style.
However we appear to be better at stoppages than centre clearances.
which is odd given our game style we have less of these.

Maybe we should use malthouses round the boundary style, or Roos high stoppage style when we are under the pump and need to try and change the momentum of the game.


As I said above, I thought we should have won that game.

i was there and I was fuming from the rubbish umpiring.

But yeah, if our systems break down from Myers and Guelfi then god help us.


The centre bounce adds a significant random effect in centre clearances.

So the “best” centre clearance mids are likely to be the ones who go to the most centre bounces. ( average per game) not average per centre bounce attended ( but they also have to be good ball getters).
In the case of Mitchell, Fyfe, Cripps, they score high on average centre clearances compared with many others who go to less bounces. However, if you rate them according to clearances per game then they appear to be “the best players”

I guess that’s why some say Cripps is overrated.


Remember when Richmond was same old richmond, reasonably talented, looked good at times, but prone to lapses and choking?
Then they weren’t?

We’re not far off that path. We’re not a bad side, but we haven’t learnt to win yet.



That game was frenetic all day. Pendles and co got a chop out from DeGoey and others whereas our key mids did not / nowhere near as much.

Take Adams, DeGoey & Phillips out of Pies mids rotations and you’d have seen Pendles gassed also.


Yeah it happens in footy.