JLT Form - Anyone concerned?


People that take criticism/bad mouthing of the club etc as a personal attack.


Agreed. And if / when we learn to win, then we will have to deal with being hunted and expected to win.

A few stages of development for us before we challenge the best sides.


You don’t think our form at the end of last year showed that maybe we have? Serious question. Or is that too small a sample size?


You could work it out: add up the team column and the opponent column, then “team/total” is your percentage (not volunteering).

I’d argue differential is the one that matters the most. Doesn’t really matter if you kick 20 goals, if the other mob scores 22.


Yeh, we used to call them “NinthMond”. Then they became FirstMond. The joke just seemed to fall into disuse after that.


We lost 3 of the 4 close games, so no.

I think it showed the game plan works and the list is not far off. Which was a very important thing in it’s own right. IMO we were a long way off the good sides in 2017.


i meant more if we have 50 clearances and our differential is +10
and say Geelong have 40 clearances and their differential is +9

then they would be better at clearances IMO yet their differential is less than ours.

Yeh Im too lazy to calculate.

but yeh you can read too much into stats - as centre clearances we look good on total numbers, then diffential not so good.


We need an effective centre clearances stat. Where effective means a player has cleared the ball to a team mate who is outside the centre square.

David Myers getting the ball and running toward our defense and kicking the ball around his body, such that it ends up bouncing around between the wing and HF and is then scooped up by an opponent, is not a clearance.


I think you’ll find that’s called a “clearance”.

EDIT I have looked this up and I am wrong.


Doesn’t that just indicate they’re very good at restricting the other side’s ability to clear, without being all that good at clearing themselves?

(Ie the +10 team has restricted the other side to 40 clearances, which is a lot, the +9 team has restricted the other side to 31 which is very very low)


It’s not about the specific names, it’s about the fact that we had no bench and we’re forced to put hampered players on the ground


This is about making clearances “damaging” a damaging Myers clearance is when he runs out of the centre square and hoofs it 70 metres, immediately putting the opposition defence under lot of pressure.
Now our players are more and more tapping the ball out to Tippa instead of trying to mark it.


yeah it happens in footy


The boys clearly were not putting in a big effort this JLT. There was no overlap run nor any intensity.

If that is what they wanted to do that is fine. We can judge them round 1.

Personally, I would have liked to see some more intent.


For all the analysis we the fans throw up you know the coaches and players know all of that and a tonne lot more. They know more than us about where they are at and would have a whole lot more insight into where the other sides are at. They can read the fan forums and the papers as much as us. Or maybe for sanity sake they don’t.


Well it’s against a team we are hoping to be challenging for their spot in the top 6 or top 4. Need to get 1 up on them



It would be great to get 1 up on them. However we don’t “need” to.

The above is written in the context of some suggesting that the result will tell us how we are going to go for the remainder of the season. I just don’t think a loss in this game would be all that surprising, and wouldn’t warrant screaming “season over”.


round 1 a 8 point game :slight_smile:


That can’t be the definition of clearance!

In our JLT game against Geelong we were credited with something like 19 centre clearances. If we got 19 clearances then I’m a monkey riding a unicycle.