JLT Form - Anyone concerned?


True, and the same can be said about the countless others that do the same.


Hey Tamba, where did you get that unicycle?


From you, you clown.


Well ride it over here.
It’s been too long.


Mark it on your calendar.


Really scared and worried for round 1


Then load up on GWS, screenshot the bet and post it in here so we can laugh at you when the Bombers take the 4 points in a 3 goal win !


BINGO…this guy gets it.

Collingwood were deplorable in Rd.1 2018 against the Hawks.
The Eagles lost their first game at Optus Stadium against the Swans !


Round 1 often throws up surprises as teams are at different levels of preparation.

It normally settles down pretty quickly after that.


Or, you know, we could just win…


Let’s do that.


See typical pattern of someone reacting negatively to sometging i say.
People/human nature are just so predictable , yawn


I’m going to bet on the draw and watch both sides of blitz tear each other apart.


A “clearance” simply means 1st possession from a stoppage situation. If Tbell gets the tap down to Myers, he blindly handballs as he’s tackled, the balls spills out the the opposition they easily run it through the centre, over the top to an unmanned mid sized forward who runs into the open goal, all within 20 seconds - we get credited with the clearance - yay!

Whats really important with clearances is that they result in a clear next possession as in tap down to Myers, he turns & kicks 50+ to at least a pack or better yet a marking player. Where we have struggled is getting players who can not only get 1st touch but then create enough space for themselves to effectively dispose to our advantage or have that innate ability to just know where its going to be . Look for example at Pendelbury when we last played them - he gets the ball from a centre square situation & has the skills to get himself clear find an option & execute correctly - that 1 clearance is worth 10+ blind kicks/handballs that simply place a teammate under pressure. Those players are GOLD! Zerrett is probably the only player we have who is capable of that level of skill on any regular basis & even he is restricted at stoppages somewhat because of his size. Stringer has it, his effective clearance rate would be elite if only we could turn him into a fulltime mid. Hopefully Shiel is another but wouldn’t we love a 25 year old Jobe right about now.


Aren’t first possession and clearance two seperate stats?


I probably should have said 1st disposal as opposed to simply possessing the ball. I believe as far as champion data go there is some limitations on 1st disposal equalling a clearance but I don’t know if that is clearly defined anywhere (distance or how long before it results in another stoppage etc). Basically any disposal that clears the pack situation be that a 1m handball or 50m kick is a clearance. The handball/kick can be to the opposition & it still counts as a clearance. I don’t believe 1st possession is a stat the AFL &/or Champion data keep - I can’t find it on the AFL site. It may be more a term thats used on the TV.


A clearance is when you take the ball from a stoppage and feed it out to another player or run it out yourself, you’re the player that clears it from the pack/congestion. What JBOMBER is talking about is a clearance to advantage, these are the the only ones that a player should be credited with because the alternative is basically a turnover.


Whatever it is, we are pretty crap at it.


Or a stoppage


Just wait till round one - that’s when our master plan is revealed. :wink: