JLT1, Saturday Feb 24. vs Richmond 16.45 Wangaratta - oops

Aflx was to see some kids, sure… but the 2 jlt games will be fine tuning & fitness for our squad we will field R1 no doubt.

So the squad they announce on Thursday will be close to the best 22 plus first depth for each position, or could be it will include all candidate midfielders to get them to start working on the stoppage structures and method against real opponents.

I mean I hate to use an expression from last year, but the word “gel” comes to mind as being just as imporatnt this year as last.


Good news is, not only is our forward line a GUN foward line. It is very YOUNG.

Plenty of time to gel!!

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Will we be rolling out Smith and stringer this week I wonder?

What are the rules for this series regarding number of interchange players and rotations etc? I couldn’t find them.

Last year it was this, but there were 3 games:

  • Up to eight interchange players and unlimited rotations in weeks one and two

  • Six interchange players and unlimited rotations in weeks three and four

  • Rookie-list players can play

Really, I just can’t wait to see how Smith fits in with Zerret and hepp.

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I’m guessing there’ll also be 9 point goals and other different rules again?

Was funny seeing players freak out when the ball bounced back onto the field when the goal post was hit during AFLX, and they didn’t know whether it was play on or not.

Pretty sure the clubs all said they only needed two practice games and they were happy to ditch the third.

Will they be showing this on Fox Footy?

Going to be a wet and windy evening in W ang this weekend.

Roads will be dangerous. Better fly, just to be safe.


Not dure but just saw baguely and ambrose at pacinos in ascot vale

Get back to us when you’re dure.


will this game be televised ?

YES ON FOXTEL. All the JLT games are.



thank you kind sir.


I heard Chris Fagan talking on SEN this morning, indicating Clubs with established best 22-25 players were happy with 2 practice matches, whereas clubs like Brisbane who were developing their lists would prefer 3.

We would be in the latter group.

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We’re farked.


10 goal loss

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