JLT1, Saturday Feb 24. vs Richmond 16.45 Wangaratta - oops

What better way to test out our new contested emphasis than against 2017 premiers ?

After the Richmond game the final JLT hitout is against Geelong on March 11 ( 15 days later ), then Round 1 on March 23 ( 12 days later)

We certainly get to practice against some top level teams in the JLT !

I suppose we will have a squad with some extra younger players in it for JLT1?
Is one hitout in 2 weeks enough for the best 22 players ?

So what squad strategy should we adopt? 2 games for the notional best 22 plus on the edge players, or try to expose extra players to these 2 sides?

Pre-season hype has less than a week left :frowning_face:


It’s disappointing. Feeling a bit lid on at the moment. We know we can play/score well when we get it on our terms.

Will be happy to see us doing some two way running.


Richmond…Premiers. There’s still something very very wrong with the sound of that.


In all seriousness though would have very much preferred a 3rd JLT to the ■■■■ dished up on the weekend.


With just 2 JLT games in 4 weeks before the start of the season, we probably need to decide on the best 30 players on Wednesday and make that the squad for both JLT games. Otherwise our new midfield will not get enough of a hitout imo.

3rd JLT fixes that. Play the kids JLT 1 to get a look at them and slowly work up to near full strength at JLT 3. 2 practice games is not enough to get the cobwebs out


I doubt any club would be happy with playing X instead of a full size game.

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And that’s the issue no one other party (clubs, fans) wanted that ■■■■. Yet the pelicans at AFL house be like XXXXXXX

Assuming they let you have a squad of 26 and extended interchange bench.
First game would give stars a taste, limit minutes according to sports conidtioning.
but also give a lot of kids some minutes.

Then second game most of best 22, play more minutes, ready for season opener.

Question is do the AFLX senior squad players miss the first practice match?

main squad game 1 - leave out anyone underdone

B: Baguley, Hartley Brown
HB: McKenna Huley Saad
C: Mutch Heppell Begley
HF: Smith Daniher Stewart
F: Tipingwuti Hooker Green
R:Leuneberger Stringer, Zerrett
Int: Goddard, Bellchambers, Myers, Guelfi, Houlahan, Clarke, Redman, Jerrett

Rest Ambrose, Parish, McGrath, Zaharakis, Gleeson

Cotton wool - Colyer, laverde, Ridley, Fantasia

Nothing wrong with AFLX. Even Gary and Timmy were taking it up this morning. Lots of promise.

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There is a grand total of one VFL practice game before the AFL starts (at Colac, immediately after the last BLT game). So that day you should expect a close match to what we want in round one.

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AFLX= Circle work, and someone gets a shot on goal in the end.

Good to have real footy back…well, sort of real footy.

This is the problem. There is no JLT3. We did AFLX instead.

Only two full games, a fortnight apart does change squad selection.
As an opposition coach noted you probably play your best 26 in the first game ( some with limited minutes) and pretty close to your best 22 in the second game.
Giving your key players between 11/2 and two games as per usual.
So the selections on Saturday will actually be more interesting than usual for a first or even second pre season hit out.

Gary and Timmy are paid to talk it up … AFLX was a complete waste of time !

Western Bulldogs had the right idea ! Don’t waste time and energy on it.


Players will learn a fair bit over the next month. Richmond, Geelong and then round 1 against Adelaide. All top 4 candidates with gun midfields and disciplined. Perfect start.




There is legit nothing RIGHT with aflx


They are referring to aflx being muchly open to expanding and persisting with because it can improve a lot over the next few years.