Jobe the Missing Key

A former fitness advisor to the club suggested to me that Jobe Watson’s missing on-field leadership could be the key factor to the team’s inconsistent performances.

What do you think?

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He certainly led by example in the area we are currently so sorely deficient in.




I honestly think Kelly stunk it up a bit in his last year…switches that missed targets etc.


we were inconsistent even with Jobe as captain


Starts, Hocking, Kelly and Howlett also.

All definitely cooked, but I think we have lost a massive amount of on and off field leadership. It’s very apparent.

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No, these issues have been happening for years and years. Not just this year


Do you mean on-field leadership in terms of providing direction and motivation or leading by example?

Either way we already have a thread to bag out Heppell.

Stop talking to The Weapon Jackie!


Cant say it hasnt crossed my mind. But I think Hepps can be an equal

Not entirely sure leadership void.

But moreso Jobe as the main contested ball winner and his creativity from stoppages by hand and strength to still get an effective handball away whilst being tackled immense.

Has not been replaced by anyone

But as the Tigers show what’s more important is pressure & spread outside the contest which we are failing at. Not switched on/ workrate etc

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Possibly - exacerbated by the fact that Heppell isn’t a leaders old, left shoe at this point.

But the issues we have are the issues we have had for 10+ years: can’t win contested ball and poor skills that result in way too many unforced turnovers.

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Are you guys for real??

How’s Jobes on field leadership any different to Dysons??

Jobe was a great figure head, player and by all means off field leader but on the field he was placid, a nice guy who’s body language always looked down in the dumps, he wasnt intense or demonstrative.

And we lost the same fkn games like last week under Jobe.

We haven’t had an onfield LEADER since Round 22, 2009.


Jobe knew that leadership was about stubble, not a full beard.


There’s a few missing keys.

  • Fantasia - AA quality forward hasn’t been able to get on the park with full fitness this year. Adds pace, skill, clean hands, and quality X factor
  • Ambrose - Quality key back who sets the tone for the whole team of how hard to go at both the ball and the man. Can’t wait to see him back in the team this week
  • Merrett - I think the focus of pre season for Zach was getting more inside ball. He has been found out a bit on the inside as it seems he is easier to tag on the inside than out. He needs to use his pace and running ability to break the tags, plus we need his sublime skills to break the lines, Cut the angles and move the ball with quality and speed. (He is getting back to it)

The last time we were worse off than this year was way back in 1981. That was Sheedy’s first year as coach.

Sheed’s solution was to tell the team that he would strap on the boots and play again.

We won 16 straight after he said that and we won two flags within 4 years.

The answer is obvious.

Get Kev back!

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Just highlights our complete lack of leadership within the playing group. And yes Heppell is the worst captain I’ve witnessed in my time as a bomber

i’d have thought woosha threatening to play on each player would get them going, considering hes a ■■■■■■■ psycho.


Maybe him playing again would ignite the mongrel in him and get him to coach with some passion

I don’t think it was an idle threat either.
He’d only been retired for 1 year, so wouldn’t have been too old.
He must have completed a large portion of the pre season sessions with the players to have considered it though ?