Joe Daniher named Rising Star

I could'nt see anywhere if this Big News has already been in a thread - surprising if its not.


This is great for Joe - a well deserved nomination!


As announced on EFC website:


Two in two weeks for EFC!

Try the Joe Daniher thread! GUUUUURRRRRGE

great news, so happy for Joe. I hope he grabbed the nomination at the highest point.


It is scary how good he will be when he puts more muscle on.

Mods, please ban anyone who doesn‘t visit the Joe D thread daily.

How many thread Joe Daniher need?

He is the rising star because he’s still up in the air right now taking a grab at it’s highest point and we keep asking, “hey Joe, what are you doing up there?”.

Stars at the highest point.

The scary thing is, he can play much better than he did the other night.

What took them so long. About time he got a nomination. If he keeps having 6 shots at goal each week he will go close to winning this award.

Shops at Highpoint. 

Shops at Highpoint. 

Marks taken higher than that. 

How many nominations Joe Daniher get?

How Rising many Joe Stars get Joe goals..............................



The article states ‘the left footer is an accurate shot for goal’.

At this stage I don’t think this is one of his attributes.

Smashes in harder than any young bloke of his size and build than I have seen before.

Got the talent the work ethic and will eventually have the size but most of all he’s got heart.

Congratulations JD.

Yep there are signs there he is making it even now.  

  • As revealed in another thread he is equal 3rd in the competition for contested marks.
  • He is also Essendons top goal scorer this year so far
  • He is starting to learn to push defenders away in one on ones.

This is pretty good for a kid who seems to be pushed away by heavy bodies all the time and blizers keep saying how good will he be when he gets stronger.   Well right now the major improvement  will be to kick straight.


However,  there is no doubt he will start attracting the best tall defender from now on,  so lets see how he goes for the rest of the season.


Meantime, rising star nomination,  fully deserved

The article states 'the left footer is an accurate shot for goal'.
At this stage I don't think this is one of his attributes.

Even more baffling is that it states "the left-footer is also an accurate set shot for goal".
He is reasonably accurate on the run and in time he may become an accurate set shot for goal but at the moment the set shot is not his strong point.

He nails them in practice he just struggles in games.


Just takes time and hes kicked 6 in two games I'm quite happy with that.

One day he will kick 15.0, he is that good.

Better than Coleman, you mean ?