John Worsfold


Feel like crossing the floor?


You don’t get me, I’m part of the union.


Hope so. People say his disposal is suspect but so is that of a few of our better players. Getting over 30 touches and 10 tackles is good enough to make up for whatever poor disposal he has. JJ disposal was shocking when he first started, got it much better later on


if you’re really pretending I’ve not made the point about positional changes and gamestyle as two separate, albeit linked, issues - then yes, you’re getting treated with a fool.

As to a succession of a dozen punters getting the ■■■■■ with you, one by one, over months, if not years, over the various contortions of one basic issue: it’s a real headscratcher.

“That’s a different issue” FMD.


I couldn’t resist:

Change da rulez - no cazual eeemployment 4 neyone unless u da union memba!


Well, I have to say you’ve confused me again about set-up and game style.
I thought we were also talking about attitude, but that goes to game style as well.
I was merely saying that if Green doesn’t push up then it’s a Green issue, if the forward line doesn’t push up then it’s a coaching issue. I wouldn’t have thought that was a radical theory.

I don’t know why you’re getting frustrated.
I have tried to answer all your queries, and they are your queries, without getting cross, without calling you an idiot, despite you not doing me the same courtesy.


Taken to PMs.



I reckon we were only a handful of posts away from “Worsfold is secretly a double agent still working for West Coast” territory


Maybe take it to arbitration.


Mediation first.


Nah fark due process. Get Justice @Riolio in here to deliver a judgement right farking now


Duelling pistols would be more amusing


for the love of god, just don’t self report.


Sword fight?


A cup of


I don’t recall.


No Plan B after that one.


I think that’s the point, though, right?


My pistol’s not working! Worsfold must have sabotaged it! It’s Worsfold’s fault!!! I’M NOT CRAZY YOU’RE CRAZY