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If it’s taken 4 rounds with 2 losses for the coaches to concede that they probably had the mix wrong, then so be it.

One think I believe Stringer has benefited from training midfield, is that he is applied more pressure inside 50, and did more grunt work in the packs when it was congested.

So even if that’s all the fruit it bears, it was worth it, because it’s something that was sorely lacking from his Bulldog years.


Imagine where we’d all be if that has actually happened approximately one year ago


There is nothing more personal than


lovin these last couple of woosha pressers

“…it may do…” you may be just a pack of CARNTS


Whoosha will smile gently, as he pushes a stiletto through your eye.


You can say that again…


One thing I noticed is when Jake S gets near the ball he takes a lot of tackling, often drawing in two defenders. This creates opportunities for others.

I like his raging bull presence in the forward line.


Still buzzing from last week but now is the danger period for the team… finding the consistency to perform at a high level each and every week. Hopefully ANZAC day provides plenty of incentive but Pies have hit some hot form.

I am also curious to see how Woosha goes this week… last week he made the blatantly obvious changes that were required and they worked… the next stage will be whether he has found a Plan B for when Plan A doesn’t work. Yes the ‘hooker back’ wasn’t a huge surprise but Port wouldn’t have had that long to plan around that structure. From here onwards, teams will have a much better idea of how to counter that.

It will also take some ‘bad’ weeks to see what changes, if any, Woosha is prepared to make when things are going south. If he gets that part right, then I would be willing to back him but something tells me that he will still struggle with the tactical side of things.


I don’t reckon he gives a sh*t what you think.


This is a discussion forum, not a messaging service for Woosha. What’s the point of your post?


The point is I think he’s full of sh*t.


Not a good thing to say about our coach


If that’s the case, what’s the point of this thread?


Plan B is Hooker forward. All sorted. Now put your feet up Woosh and slam a sanga.


How prickly is Woosha at the moment?

On edge, looks like he’s about to knock out any journo that asks a stupid question (most of them).

But if he’s open to allowing others to influence his decisions when they’re not working, that is a good thing.
Harvey clearly had his say re: Hooker back/Stringer forward, so hopefully Woosha can evolve just as the side should.

Pies/Melb/Hawks minus rioili and Poopulo.
All winnable.All loseable.

Massive 3 games in 11 days.


To discuss footy?


He’s not the Lone Ranger there.

He doesn’t give a shitt what anyone in here thinks.


Well maybe he does listen to what I think… I posted before the season started that Hooker should play back, said it again in Round 1 and again in Round 2 and again in Round 3 and then Woosha listened and it worked.

I posted before the season started that Stringer should play forward with short bursts in the middle and build towards midfield minutes. Said it again after round 1, 2 and 3… and then Woosha listened and it worked.

I stated after Round 1,2 and 3 that we need to apply more pressure directly on the ball carrier rather than have a loose zone. Woosha did that and we won.

So maybe Woosha does read Blitz and responded? For all the suggestion that ‘supporters and media have no impact’… I find it funny that after a big week full of pressure from those sources… Woosha finally changes something. I think it is natural that coaches feel pressure and when the voices get loud enough they feel they have to listen.


I’d say that’s the most likely scenario.


Hi @johnworsfold. We like wins. Please keep them coming.