Jumper numbers for 2024

Duursma does not identify as a number, he will get the letter ‘U’.


Just watched Duursma’s highlights video and noticed he started with 21 at PA, then changed to 7.

21 + 7 = 28, which just happens to be free.

11: Duursma
17: Gresham
28: Goldstein
30: McKay
32: Caddy
34: Roberts
43: Luol


11: Gresham
17: Duursma
28: n/a
30: Caddy
32: McKay
34: Luol
38: Roberts
39: Rookie / SSP
44: Goldstein

17: Duursma
11: Gresham
28: Goldstein
30: McKay
32: Caddy
34: Luol
43: Roberts

There is no obvious number for Caddy. I think he has to be in Toorak from the get go, but am not convinced 11 fully suits him. Could move into 9 or 10 at the end of 2024.

Menzie gets an upgrade.

Goldstein needs a ruckman number.

The only hill I’m dying on is Duursma in 32. It’s perfect I reckon.

11 - Caddy

17 - Gresham

28 - Menzie

30 - McKay

32 - Duursma

42 - Lual

43 - Roberts

44 - Goldstein


Not sure that the number Davis and Watson wore fits Duursma tbh.


Gresham would look good in 11.

Gresham 11
Duursma 17
McKay 28
Caddy 30
Lual 32
Goldstein 34
Roberts 38

Could see Duursma or Gresham with 32 but feel both are also the types to want some higher numbers despite 32 being worn by a former star like Tim Watson.

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And that’s forgetting the likes of Lance Mann and Howard Staehr.

And who can forget Mal Pascoe? :wink: or Don Carmichael?

I think Hunter should get an upgrade on his number

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Really need to retire number 17 to end the curse. And of course in loving tribute to the GOAT, Judd Lalich.


I’m comfortable giving Duursma 17 if he can grow his hair out like Sporn’s


Yes … if he breaks through and nails a KPF role by season end I’d like to see him offered the famous #10. Which might well become available again this time next year.

McKay 32 (was 23 at NM)
Goldstein 44 (was 22 at NM, double that, plus Justin Madden number)
Gresham 34 (was 4 at StK)
Duursma 17 (was 7 at PA)
Caddy 11 (seem to give first available number to first draftee lately)
Lual 28
Roberts 30
Visentini 38
Hunter 39 (upgrade from 49)
Menzie I would leave in 47 for now. Already played several games wearing it.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Duursma wore a higher number this year before taking over Hep’s 21 in 2025. Both Sth Gippsland lads and Duursma wore it when he first joined Port.


Caddy in 32 feels right. its nebulous, its vacuous, i cant explain it at all… but it feels right.

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Geoff Blethyn was 11

As was Greg Anderson

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So you’re saying he’s gonna be twice the player for us