Jumper numbers for 2024

My favourite time of the year

Predictions on new jumper numbers
11: Duursma
17: Gresham
28: Goldstein
30: McKay
32: Pick 8

Retiring 9 and 25?


Zane Duursma will look good in 9 next year, and 25 can go to Harry McKay next year too

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Surely Zane gets 10 when the inevitable delisting happens?

(If Xav has 11 that is)

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Gresham to get 32

Give Goldstein 44.
He’s only with us for one year.


Surprised we haven’t gathered momentum in this post.

Goldstein will probably want 22. Give Durham 11.

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RIP Gresham and Goldstein…

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Still stand by this.

I’d imagine Snelling is gone. If for some reason Snelling stays, then i’d give Duursma the 32

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Can Duursma have 17
Suits cos it looks like his bow n arrow


17 should be retired, its fully cursed

Duursma 11
Gresham 28
McKay 30
Goldy 34
Pick 8 32

If there were more decent number free there are a couple of guys I’d upgrade too


Then Goldstein can fark off. He’s not LeBron James or something, demanding a certain number for marketing reasons. He’ll probably only be on our list for one or two years maximum.

I thought we signed him for 2 years!

3 with a trigger for a 4th.

If that was true, it certainly would be triggering…

Why so aggressive ? Let him have Jeff Gamble’s number if he wants it. No he’s not LeBron James. LeBron James wouldn’t be half the ruckman Goldstein is.

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Sorry, didn’t mean to be aggro. I just don’t see him as being in any position to be requesting numbers that are already taken.

By the way, I see someone has already gone into Wikipedia and allocated him 44. :laughing:

Ha ! That’s a bit cheeky - the numbers won’t be allocated till the draft is done.

Of course!
I checked and apparently McKay will get 30 and Gresham will get 17. Wikipedia never lies.
(No mention of Duursma’s number… yet.)

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