Went to the supermarket for a few things , including my customary 30 can box of no sugar coke.

I get to the self checkout with trolley and put everything through except the item indicated.

Sneaky pants “scanned“, but made sure it hit the wall, or someone’s ar$e or something.

Cop that woolies.

Get to carpark and unloaded into boot. Got to coke box pulled it up, the ■■■■■■ slipped and contents went everywhere, under cars, down hill, people’s feet etc, pis$ing out brown fizzy fluid in some cases. Few unhelpful comments, few unfunny ones and general unwillingness to help followed. I picked up 4 or 5 and just drove off. Pretty sure some old hag took my licence plate, which was a G plated government car so nothing came of it.

Karmas a b…


I blame X.


Went to a car accident with the fire brigade.

15 year old saw a car at a petrol station with the keys in the ignition. Stole it. Drove out of the servo and through a red light, into another car.


Everyone was ok, which was really really lucky. First I knew about the car theft was when 10 police surrounded the ambulance and then handcuffed the kid to the stretcher.

His mum was far from pleased with him.

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Moral of the story…Don’t drink coke :joy:

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Or chase it down a car park hill

[email protected] moi.

Any coke that doesn’t require chopping is not worth consuming.


Why would i cut a co…



I just got home from woollies where I also purchased a 30 packet of sugarless coke.

I paid for mine and guess what? It all arrived home in 1 piece!


I also purchased a box of sugar free coke, got home added sugar to it. Now I have diabetes.

Karmas a ■■■■■!

*the above did not happen. I would never purchase sugar free coke.


Did some sort of weird bonding happen when you weren’t looking? Didn’t you want 30 pieces??

I drink all 30 at the same time so it = 1.


I used to laugh in the faces of middle aged people. Now I am one.

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That’s not karma, that’s just you being a ■■■■.


I have a mate that used to laugh at old blokes with combovers.

Not any more he doesn’t. His is a ripper.


Is this just a story about how you stole something?

Everyone knows you manually put it in without having to scan…

Yeah that’s going to be bite me in the ■■■■ in a few years too. I’m not middle aged and gross yet but it’s not too far away.

Having said that…HAHAHAHAHAHA Diggers you old bruh

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As in “manually”?

Hadn’t thought of that. Will give it a try

Like how you put in fruit and veg…you can just forget to scan it through :stuck_out_tongue: