Kayo sports

Streaming sports in australia is absolutely ■■■■■■■ pathetic.


I haven’t seen a minute and am now sitting here doing work at 9pm on a Saturday night. Quality lockdown so far.


Who’s the piece of ■■■■ at channel 7 who thought anyone with half a ■■■■■■■ brain would wanna watch Gold Coast and ■■■■■■■ hawthorn


At least the Hawks are losing.

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Kayo is trending on twitter but nothing official from them.

Hamish BT Darcy Basil Brayshaw

Been ok here all game.


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We subscribed for one basic reason - the footy and this pack of muppets can’t organise a basic live broadcast. It will be because they have scrimped on bandwidth capacity and the numbers trying to log in from Melbourne on lockdown will have overwhelmed it. My daughter is able to watch in fine on Kayo from the same account in Canberra. Foxtel Go just stuck on the St Kilda game. Just think of the $$$ that Murdoch will still make despite the f—- up.

Won’t work on the Samsung tablet (has in the past) but works on the Samsung smart phone. Thank fark for small mercies.

It’s working!

There was an error processing this request

Error: Global rate limit exceeded

How much refund are you giving, K*nto ?


I just got access.

If people continue having issues, you can watch in HD on vipbox on the internet

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Give it a go through Chrome browser, haven’t had an issue tonight.

Half way through the 3rd, I got 2 streams, one about 10 secs behind and it crashed. Logged out and got back in. Frustrating.

Got it going on the phone in the third, cast it to the big screen!

Got to see one hell of a win!!!

Too many people getting vaccinated and activating their 5G chips at once.

Need more bandwidth.

I blame Dan Andrews.


I only got to watch the last 15 mins of that because my Foxtel Now ■■■■ itself. Rest was listening on radio and watching blitz.

When is the replay up? One to watch in full!

I think with Foxtel you have to wait a day or 2 for the replay unless it’s a Thursday/Friday Night game where the game gets replayed straight after

It’s why I love Kayo you can watch the replay soon as the game finishes