Kick on the 'G at half time

Just an FYI, there's a rotating competition where supporters can win a kick on the ground at half time.  This week, versus the Magpie scum, is the first time it occurs with an Essendon game (the only other time is at the SCG vs the Swans), so if you want a kick at the G at half time, this is the only chance to do it.


Competition mechanic is you have to take two Mars Bars wrappers to the Mars Bars marquee between gates 2 and 3.  Now here's the important part - you can't buy Mars Bars at the G (due to Cadbury licensing) so if you want to enter, make sure you get your Mars Bars before you get there.



Im going to give it a try.


Do SA residents get to simply draw a Mars Bar wrapper?

(Man that used to shit me no end)


Where’s Marianne Faithfull?

It also happens wb v ess

I won I’m kicking it at half time.