Lace up Essendon jumpers

Hi all,
I’ve been in touch with Vic Hill from @laceupjumpers and he is doing a run of Essendon jumpers.
Limited run of 50 to start with.
Orders will be taken soon for delivery in mid Feb 2020.
Same price as these.

His email is [email protected]

Hit him up.



WOW!! That’s one I don’t have in the collection! Will they come with VFL/sponsor logos or just plain?

Don smallgoods logo

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Will email the bloke tonight!

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blitz discount?

You can ask!

I don’t understand.

There was never a lace up Dons Logo Jumper, . ?

I also don’t get why anyone would want a lace up Jumper tbh. :thinking:

They were a rather silly, & unnecessary concept to begin with, and don’t look anywhere near as good as a non lace up Jumper IMO.

Loved those jumpers. Did anyone besides Roger & Merv wear one back in the day?

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TO be fair you need a certain physique to look good in these. And they did have a purpose. To make tackling more difficult. Ken Fletcher was the last player I remember wearing one


Tony Elshaug




Yep. Nobby Clarke as well I think?

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Mmmm,. . The only thing I can think of there, is to make the thing tight, … but that is easily achieved by just wearing a tight jumper.

Well. I stand corrected. Had zero recollection of them being a thing in the DON era.

I think a few of the boys gave them a crack at stages. They became really popular just before they were banned. I actually think Vander wore one at one point.

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Vanders, Merrett, Merv Neagle, Leon Baker, Tony Elshaug all wore the lace-up jumpers at various stages…


Are they gonna come with those cricket style caps they also used to wear in the 1800’s?

I wouldn’t have thought you were so interested in retro fashion bg

The lace-ups went by the wayside in the late-80s IIRC. Pretty sure some players got fingers caught in the laces when tackling, which would’ve caused some bad breaks/tendon damage…

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Yeah Robbie Flower broke his finger tackling Michael Turner? Finger got caught.