Last chance to get your name on the EFC jumper

My complaint is not based on price.

My complaint is (obviously) not based on supporting cancer.

I remember when the jumper was sacrosanct, and unchanged for many decades. I remember people deriding those who resisted change in the first place.

In this case, the slippery slope argument is true.

There’s other ways the club could contribute to Challenge without introducing yet another variation on something that used to be synonymous with the identity of the club.

As you say Paul, each to their own.


The Challenge logo is right there in the OP…

Cuz smacks down the whiney whiners.

Respect. :fist_right:

It does paint it in a completely different light. I thought it was just a cash grab, and at 400 a pop, yes, that is stupid

I’m all for the money going to charity though, especially cancer. Fair play