Last chance to get your name on the EFC jumper

I’m off to change my name by deed poll to “Stopfarkingwith T. Jumper”.

Enough is enough.


Last chance… until next year.


I’m good, … thanks.

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I’m in

My full name is Caroline Wilson Sucks


Only $399.
And if you’re a concession card holder, the price is - wait for it- $399.

Is it really 399?

What a utter disgrace

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The real question is how many times has @Koala paid to get her name on the jumper?

dammit… why didnt i collect player sponsor money earlier… :wink:


Yep it is really $399

I’ll get my name on the jumper if some rich generous Blitzer shells out for it. :sunglasses:

I’m going to change my name to Alan Mart. Will be cheaper in the long run.


And I’ll go with Adam.

We can be the smart Mart brothers!! :smile:

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Our jumper is dead.

My name is

Idontgiveafuck aslongaswewininit

You’ll have to pay more than $399 if you want that many characters.


I’m on board. I’ll change mine to Chicken Salad Stevens Sucks.

Proceeds go to Challenge Cancer Support and as well as getting a name on the jumper you also get a boxed jumper sent out and an invitation to an event. I’m a little surprised at the reaction in this thread, most of us have been touched by cancer in some way and whilst not cheap this is a pretty unique opportunity to both support a cancer charity while also getting personal recognition on a club jumper.

I signed up yesterday to get my Mum’s name on the jumper who lost her battle with cancer late last year. Each to their own but on the list of things to complain about would’ve thought the club offering a unique opportunity to benefit a cancer charity - with no one under any obligation to do so - was pretty low on the list…


Pity that wasn’t mentioned earlier, … put’s it in a whole different light.

Is that all proceeds Paul?

Seems so.

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