Laverde, Langford and Francis

These are the guys who need to jump through the gears to make us a real premiership threat from 2018 onward, I would love if Woosh and the other coaches made this apparent to them and the rest of the group.

Form a mini leadership group consisting of these younger blokes in the off season and let them take control of what they want to achieve from next season onward, Put big responsibility on them and see how they respond.

I honestly believe these 3 boys are the most important blokes on the list, We know what Joe, Raz, Zerrett and the older blokes bring, The 3 I’ve listed are the ones that will force our big rise up the ladder, Guys like Redman, Ridley, Begley will see this and push further again, Our culture right now is better than it’s been for a long long time, Our kids are more professional now than I’ve ever seen, Joe, Merrett, McGrath are big reasons for this.

Seeing pictures of Langford and Laverde training still make me smile, Their time is now.

How hard can we push these guys?


Just play them from Round 1. All guns. Just inexperienced.


Totes needed a new thread.


Nope… I think Conor, Fantasia and Walla are the most important blokes on the list, because that speed with elite footskillz is so killa.


You dudes have the first ten games, no threat of being dropped, smash it out you jerks.

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Trade em all


Make or break 2018 for all three


I beg to Differ. Our rise up the ladder next season will be in the hands of

  • Heppell needs a big year as a inside mid - needs to reach Selwood/Parker/levels AA mid
  • Z Merrett needs to have another good year like this one and learn to deal with the tag better in big games
  • Zaharakis had a great second half, but he needs to deliver all year round, he had a pretty good season but with more consistency there is room for improvement.
  • Parish - opportunities will be there for him next year, will be his third year, am hoping he will be a bit bigger, and play more of a role in the centre square. think his back end of the year was good
  • McGrath I think next year he needs to contribute in the midfield from the get go. But dont be surprised to see him go back to defence (betts) if we need a job done. Also dont be surprised to see him do a defensive midfield job on the elite mids in the competition, wouldnt call him just a tagger though, as he would be looking to expose them with his pace and gut running.
  • Bellchambers second year back if he has a great year could really set the tone and help the midfield group out.

To a lesser extent - Need Daniher to build again on this year, forwardline is working well, probably expect Fantasia and Tippa to run through the midfield more.

Defence - think we will see regeneration in defence whether its Ridley/Francis/McNeice think we will get more youth and run through here. Hurley will be required to be the leader and take the onus on himself to take the best forward when required.

Would be hoping for AA Squad selection from following players

  • Z Merrett, Hurley, Daniher, Heppell

Francis/Lav/Lang might have some good games but they will still probably be in the 15-25th best players on the list

So yeh Hep to avg 30 possies a game (26 this year)
Zerrett to average 30+ possies a game (29.9 this year)
Zaharakis to average 28 possies a game (25.7 this year)
Parish to average 25 possies a game (21 this year)
McGrath to average 25 possies a game (19.8 this year)

send Goddard to backline more so less possies from him.




Fantasia needs to kick more goals than Eddie Betts to get forward pocket, or be a midfielder who kicks goals like Zorko or Robbie Gray. there is really only 1 spot in the side for him. your right he is a chance to make the squad though.

In 2018 these boys will not be boys anymore, they will be men.
Its sink or swim time.

Lets face it, the Hodges, Gibsons, Stantons, Watsons, Mitchells, Priddis, Thompsons are gone, The Rockliffes, Kennedys and Pendleburys are on the down slide.

Its their time… Its their opportunity. They need to grasp it, run with it, and convert their talent to reality.


Wait, what?

Is it the silly season already? 1984 / 1985 and 2000 just rang to say enough with the hype. These 3 players are all required for next season, and a big slice of our future rests on their fortunes. Let’s leave the hyperbole for the MSM flogs, it is not needed here, even in full blown lid off mode.


If you had to pick one, just one who you said yep, he will make it, I’m not even sure which way I’d go. Laverde probably but yeah, geez it’d fkn help bigtime if all three had big years next year


Langers might just be the Bont of 2018.
Albeit on a somewhat different trajectory.

OK the kid is not lightning fast. but neither could Bont or Pendles ever be described as fast.



If it wasn’t for the returning players I’d suspect all of those players would have gotten more game time in 2017.

this would take an almost unprecedented turnaround


Then again play them all in the same side relying on their output from this year and we’re in trouble.

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Still have big hopes for Langford and Francis, but was pretty underwhelmed by Laverde and what he showed this year.

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