Laverde, Langford and Francis


Ablett did


Said it before, Langford lacks intensity and will therefore never become that inside bull like Fyfe. He is what I would categorize as “a nice boy”.


That I find is the trouble with most assessments of Langford.

He’s more in style to Pendlebury than Fyfe.


Is that how he comes across as from having met him?


Laverde - still have strong hopes for him, despite his dismal efforts at the end of this year. For starters he needs and deserves a break injury-wise.

Langford - a case of the leopard needing to change its spots. Make or bust for him in 2018. Could easily turn into the next Jackson Merrett. It will be hard for him to find a spot up forward, and as a mid-fielder I’m skeptical. Maybe could turn into a third tall defender type.

Francis - totally under whelming after 2 seasons in the system given he was such a high draft pick. Time to shape up.


Yes. But the statement opened with a claim that we persist too long with some players. Im not sure a 20 year old has been persisted with for too long.


Fair enough. and I agree 20 is hardly enough time especially for tallish players. Still doing there Apprenticeships :slight_smile:


The club posts pics of them in the gym…its a free gym…any professional athlete is gonna need to still put in work on their holidays.

The pics don’t impress me much


Ok negative nelly


When you say ‘style’ what specifically do you see a see as the similarities?


He is not a bash and crash player like Fyfe and never will be.

He’s more like a Pendlebury who has great awereness in traffic and a great decision maker.


I really don’t see anything much to worry about with any of these 3. Yes it has been a slow boil with Francis’ fitness, that’d be a half a worry, but he’ll get there.

My biggest worry is either us trading them or Woosha not playing all 3 Rd 1 (particularly L&L)…


Also just on the “future” aspect - if I had to put my money on anyone going supernova it’d be Lav. I could see him being a top 5/10 player in the comp. Not saying it will happen or even has a high chance but if I had to put money on one of them going that far it’d be Lav. Has all the tools IMO.


I find it intriguing that most supporters are dissapointed by Langford and Laverde. Yet furious with Francis.

I think there is an expectation with Francis that Langford and Laverde escape for some reason. Maybe it’s because Parrish was selected right before him, and has slotted In with No problems.

I think that’s an even bigger indictment on the both of them because they’ve had a preseason to get ahead of Parrish.

If there was an off-the-cuff statement about Laverde’s work rate at training, this place would be hysterical. The fact is that he hasn’t had a chance to get himself fit because he has been injured constantly… as has Francis.


Pick 6 vs 17&20…

regarded as potentially the most talented on the list vs 2 players we hoodwinked carlton into letting us have.


As i said, they’ve both had an extra preseason to get themselves ahead of Parish & Tippungwuti. Regardless of draft position, that extra pre-season should put them ahead of the next group of draftees.

The issue is Laverde has been injuries… as has Francis.


I think people are just impatient. Plain and simple.

Both Langford and Laverde were drafted as predominately forwards but with the intention of playing midfield. Lav has a natural agression to his game and the size to back it up but has been robbed of consistency due to injury.

Langford has a great deal of talent but has had to build the size to compete as a midfielder whilst also having to learn the role. Langers in my opinion has developed extremely well and at 20 years of age is ready to take the next step.

Francis has a great deal of talent but at first lacked the condition and then has been thrown into different roles before settling in defence. Francis to me is a bit of a riddle. He has all the aatributes to be a very good player and even somebody that could win multiple All Australians, but he does lack footy nous and doesn’t yet have the work ethic to take the next step. He actually reminds me a little of Leroy Jetta in that he has no idea where to run to get possesion.

That doesn’t mean he cant be a good player though and I’m still comfortable that next year he can elevate his game.


You make a very good point about Francis’ roles.

He’s been moved around the ground, which I think has been incredibly detrimental to his development. As you say, he doesn’t have footy nous… which I couldn’t disagree more. The fact is he has no idea what he’s doing, as he’s been training with the forwards and then the backs, then the forwards, then the backs again. They need to settle him into a role, otherwise it’s going to be a disaster.

Leroy Jetta is a good example, as he had a rare nous for football that many players ever dreamed of. You just needed to look at what he did in his debut year under Sheedy. That natural ability was coached out of him by Knights. Hird knew it was there, he just couldn’t get it back. Let’s hope Francis doesn’t have a similar future.


If 2 of these make a leap and reach somewhere near their consensus potential next year we are going to be in for a ripping season I would reckon.

Players who have played atleast 1 AFL game and are still on the improvement curve include.



I always thought Leroy should have played midfield. A lot was said about his fitness and stuff but I thought he should have been given more opportunity.