Leadership Group 2020 - Who is "Highly Rated Internally"?

Does anyone know when the leadership group will be announced? i would expect some time this month. I also expect not too many changes to the group. Maybe Smith and Shiel to be given roles.

I would say it’s a $1.01 they have a role.

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I wouldn’t expect the leadership group to change much. Possibly Myers out and one of Smith/Shiel in… but who knows.

C: Heppell
VC: Merrett
VC: Hooker
LG: Hurley
LG: Daniher
LG Myers
LG Fantasia

The only changes I could see are Myers & Daniher (focus on footy and body) out and Shiel and Smith in.

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Wouldn’t expect Sheil to come in before a year earning his stripes with us, . would expect Smith to be after doing so.

Don’t think Hurls cares, or really wants to be, and not sure anyone would say JD has proven himself leader material after the way he dealt with his injury and continuing to play.

Think Langford may be offered a spot, and McGrath,…

… other possibles: Belly, maybe Stringer :thinking:

Also wondering if Zaka will have earnt another gig after being ousted.

Hepp Hooksy Zerret virtual locks.

Langford won’t be offered a spot. McGrath I think will have a couple more years.

Zerrett was put in very early due to a lack of leadership during the turbulant times.

Normally you have to do at least 4-5 years before getting in.

I’d expect Shiel to be in it TBH. He has come to Essendon with a lot more credentials behind him than Smith did.

I’d also say minimal changes…
OUT: Joe Daniher
IN: Dylan Sheil

Yeah Smith was awesome last year, but not convinced he is leadership group material yet. And I dont think Myers will be ousted… Very highly rated leader at the club.

The group is balanced not sure they will change that.

3 mids, 2 defenders and 2 forwards.

I doubt Sheil and Smith are brought in at the expense of defense and forward groups.

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The Essendon Leadership Group got their heads together and announced an new captain.


A name I’ll through up is Stringer, maybe not for this year but in the future.

He’s training standards, game plan knowledge and general maturity might still have a ways to go.

But he is a natural leader, he stands up in the big moments of a game. Also there were some small snippets through the year of some really positive leadership traits. For example doing Ramadan to support Saad.




When we were playing our worst footy early on last year it was Stringer and Smith that were doing all the encouragement and trying to fire the boys up.

I was very impressed.


Correct. I was just testing you Dave.

There’s no way Shiel makes it in when he hasn’t ever even played a game in red and black. Smith surely will after giving 150% in every match last year and winning B&F. Langford isn’t leadership material yet. He’s getting there though.


What the hell?? It’s fkn Zaphod.!! :roll_eyes:

Old Doug would be spinning in his grave. What an insult.

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Yep, even boom recruits should “pay their dues” In any case I rate “on field leadership” aka “leading by example” as high or higher than leadership group membership. On this score, I expect Shiel to deliver.

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C: Heppell
VC: Bellchambers
VC: Hooker
LG: Merrett
LG: Fantasia
LG Smith
LG Daniher

Add Smith, Bellchambers Keep Daniher Lose Myers, Hurley

No way you dump Zach as VC. hes our next captain


I think the LG roles are more off field. Act as a mentor and good example to the younger kids, make sure no one is going off the rails or being left out and encourage them to maintain their professionalism. Obviously they need to lead by example at training and on field, and basically be the ultimate clubman.
It probably leads to extra meetings and additional media opportunities, and it probably looks good in their CV/resume if they want to do media work, coaching, motivational speaking etc down the track. It’s probably a good way to groom a future captain too.
Not everyone’s gig, but most on our list should be capable.

I think we should go with Sydney’s 3 captain model.

Kennedy - “should i do the speech in the huddle?”
Rampe - “im not fussed”
Parker - “yeah me neither”
Kennedy - “want me to do it?”
Rampe - “you dont have to if you dont want to”
Parker - “you sure you dont want me to do it?”
Kennedy - “im not really sure…”