Left Essendon - Alex Morgan


Based on what? His career ending injury? His rapid decline due to old age?


Being a free agent would make no difference at this point. RFA period is done, there’s no contract matching any more, there’s no moving directly to a club, it’s ND/PSD or nothing (if there’s a contract from their current club on the table). You’re right that there’d be no compensation though.

Edit: We’ve also been over this before somewhere, but when a club matches an RFA contract offer, the player doesn’t have to stay, it just puts him into exactly the same situation that eg Morgan is in now.

Edit edit: I do agree though that it’s stupid clubs can get compensation for letting a long serving player go, but not if they just let a short serving player go. Because FA compensation is dumb.


Based on the fact he is average. Did his job in the topup year but others have gone past him


Anyone else read this and have no idea who the hell Brown is?


Well said Riolio


Based on the evidence I can only assume he’s taking about this guy


At this stage, I put Brown & Hartley at the same worth.
That will hopefully change.


I thought he was talking about Ben Brown until he mentioned Essendon


That’s part of what is really stupid.
If you want to avoid the situation where agents (or clubs for that matter) act like real dicks? Change that.
There’s no reason for the restrictions on compo picks being like they are.

…only because RFA ends when it does. Which is arbitrary.

I would be happy for either FA compo picks to either be handed out until the day of the draft, or players can’t leave directly to another club (or PSD) after RFA/trade period.


Not many I would have thought.

Daniel Rioli, Charlie Curnow, Ryan Burton the only ones in the whole draft I’d probably grab instead of Francis at this stage. Of course if you exclude all the academy players.

Doesn’t seem like an overly strong draft at this stage. Lucky to grab 2 potential elite players by the looks of it.

Astonishingly that if you re-did that draft, Tippa would go near top 5!


Yeah, the latter would work as long as list lodgement happened some time during the trade period so that the Jerretts of the world knew whether or not they had a contract while they still had the opportunity to ask for a trade.


North taking the ■■■■?

Honestly he’s done absolutely nothing in two years, suffered two hamstrings and one quad injury in his first year and every game he struggled to get a kick (one game he had literally 1 kick). Second year he has another hamstring, manages to play most of the season where he manages about 10 possessions a game and has no impact in any. Had a decent last game, decent…not great, but decent, and now North want to offer this guy a few years? LOL. Good luck.

He has pace but literally never gets the chance to use it because he never finds the ball, he looks frail and spectates often and often is well beaten in contests. Good luck to North but he’s lucky we even offered him a one year deal.


Second coming of Shane Harvey


Or do away with all the first lodgement dates altogether, because they’re just a Byzantine and arbitrary hangover ripe for exploitation.

Free agency from about a week after grand final, up until the single list lodgement date, which is about a week before the draft.
Compo picks (transparent gradings) for either everyone, or nobody at all.

Trade week somewhere in there.

Not picked up as a free agent, you’re in the draft -
1 draft, no separate rookie draft, no PSD.

Then we’re all done.

don’t have a contract by trade week? Get your manager to get out there and find one.


And by the way he’ll be 22 in 3 months, he’s hardly that young.


There are still windows for DFAs to move directly to another club, as Morgan will probably do now.
From AFL dates published by FoxSports

“DELISTED players are free agents and can join a club during one of three delisted player free agency windows.
Wednesday November 1 — AFL delisted player free agency period (1) begins
Wednesday November 8 — AFL delisted player free agency period (1) closes
Friday November 10 — AFL delisted player free agency period (2) begins
Friday November 17, 5pm — AFL delisted player free agency period (2) closes
Saturday November 25 — AFL delisted player free agency period (3) begins
Sunday November 26, 2pm — AFL delisted player free agency period (3) closes
Wednesday November 29, 2pm — Final AFL club list lodgement
Delisted players can also nominate for the AFL Pre-Season Draft.”


Thread has a surprising amount of discussion for someone who hasn’t shown a great deal. Good luck to him. I hope he manages to score a game with the big boys.


I don’t blame Alex for seeking more opportunity but seems weird, we offer him a year contract and he rejects it outside of the trade period for more opportunities and gets delisted as a DFA. Maybe it happens all the time but seems weird that could be allowed if the club didn’t have intentions of delisting him.


Quite so, but Morgan is only a DFA if we let him be one. The club announcement has an explicit quote saying we offered him a one year contract. If a player retires, requests removal from the list or rejects a contract offer, he is not a DFA.

So basically Morgan is only a DFA if we agree to rescind out contract offer and delist him. I’d expect we’ll do that to make his move easier unless we have our eye on someone specific in the PSD who we think north is also interested in.


This actually (inadvertently) clarifies my confusion. Thanks!