Left Essendon - Alex Morgan


To be honest his preferred side handball only barely existed at the time too (it’s vaguely better now)


Meh, did nothing in 2 years at the club. No real loss

At least with him gone now, it will save me the embarrassment of thinking he was Anthony Long went I went to watch our VFL final this year.

As for drafting him, meh you win some you lose some


Morgan had no confirmed contract before the trade period - He like many others was advised he may be offered a contract after the trading period - Do we expect players to wait around until after the trade period to explore other options when there is no contract on the table - Strange thinking !


This is exactly what happened and there are many others in the same boat in the AFL - Some will be offered contracts after trade period, while most will miss out - Nearly all of this group will seek other options and a few like Morgan will get lucky - Some have expressed interest in McKenzie from the GC, but my guess is he was in the same situation as Morgan, that is we may offer a contract after trade period - There is nothing new with this scenario.


Definitely hope we draft McKenzie from GC now that Morgan is gone. Would only make our list stronger. Would back our leadership to help/sort out any off-field issues with him.


I think they will have there hands full with Stringer. No point adding another guy who likes the nightlife too much.


You keep banging on about Mathieson. You do realise that he was overlooked by everyone until pick 39, not just Dodoro? There had to be a reason no one was overly excited to pick him up any earlier.


It’s guaranteed that when someone asks a genuine question or makes a genuine comment, condescending Yaco is waiting to give away some condescending response. I hope you aren’t a teacher, that would be strange!


So many ahead of him and he hasn’t shown much, makes complete sense that he is let go. Even if he said no thank you, I think they didn’t mind either way.


His unexposed form is uncertain.


You can’t manufacture that kind of arrogance.


It’s a gift.


Heh, I probably bang on about him cos he was one of my favourites that year, he fit whai believed was a need, I didn’t expect him to be available when our 2nds came around, and I’m still sore we didn’t grab him!


I don’t think inside types have any extra mystery about them - they simply don’t stand out & catch the eye like outside players naturally do. The little 1m handball from the bottom of the pack doesn’t stand out like the dash & long kick but of course you can’t have 1 without the other. That inside bull strength probably needs a few preseasons to come through. Its also about what level of importance each club places on these types of players. In spite of being beaten at the contest most weeks this year we didn’t appear to place much importance on winning the inside ball. Drafting mids in general has been my biggest criticism of Dodoro so really for mine no Parker, Mathieson, Witherden etc looks more like plan rather than accident.


But what does that actually mean?


The strength is the key. Inside mids are like KP players in that regard. You can’t judge the end product because the strength is not yet there, and the strength of the opponent is even less there.

And when the strength is there and is being used to outpoint opponents that can be even harder to judge, because you have no idea whether they can adjust, or can continue to get stronger, etc. I think that’s a reason that there are so many unexpected late pick gems of that style (while we forget about the late pick failures).


Strong players who win there own ball, have clean Hands and use it well under pressure. If they can do all of that pick them regardless of how short or quick they are and always pick them over the rangey outside player with upside


Confirmed letting him go so there’s another spot freed up.


Hypothetically if we replaced Dodoro for Callum Twomey.

And he went for best available left on the board then we probably would have went with

Zerrett - Zerrett he was rated at 19 anyway we got him 26
Witherden > Ridley - jury still out on Ridley he could still be a very good player
Mathieson/Balic > Morgan/Redman
Laverde > Laverde
Touk Miller > Langford

still would have had Francis. unless GWS didnt match bids on Hopper then Kennedy, but would have meant Francis wouldnt ahve been pick 6. :slight_smile:
it wouldn’t change the list that much.


We could also have had Rich instead of Hurley, Prestia instead of Heppel and any number of players instead of McGrath. Can’t just focus on the misses, plenty of people didint want our hits at draft time.