Left Essendon - Alex Morgan


And that’s fair but not fair on Dodoro for not picking him.


That skillset is very valuable (although difficult to find at any height or speed), particularly if you play all of your games at the SCG, or favour a very contested gameplan (see the way Hird tried to utilise a midfield including Watson, Hocking, Myers etc back in the day). It’s also going to lead to a pretty one dimensional team (and I know you know this), that will likely be found out on the MCG in September, or will get smashed on the spread week in week out for years.

Drafting is difficult. The choice might be between 2 very similar guys whose apparent difference is 5cm, 5kgs or 0.05s on 20m sprint time. They may have very similar contested ball winning abilities and distribution abilities. And when they make the step up the extra 5kgs might mean one has superior ability to win and distribute the ball due to extra strength. Or the other might grow into their body, or the extra pace may be more important, or etc etc.

There is no golden rule. Every choice is made both in isolation, and with the weight of list and gameplan needs surrounding it. (And with the recruiters historical biases, and with statistical biases as well)

Every club/recruiter favours particular attributes (And this changes with time and changes in gameplan etc), and every club/recruiter will have to take players who don’t have the attributes they think will translate just because a list is more than 40 players of the one type.

I can’t find a way to close this out, but no one wants me to rant for another 4 hours…so this will have to do. I’m the end it’s hard. For the Morgan pick they may have been considering 5 guys, none of which were Mathieson and 3 of which were never drafted, because that’s who the collective wisdom of the recruiting team rated. That recruiting team apparently got it wrong with Morgan (even if he turns out good elsewhere) as we got nothing out if him. That’s always disappointing, but is part of the process. Every pick is a risk. Given we all think we’re pretty will place at the moment our recruiting appears to be going ok. But if this becomes another false dawn I’d be thinking that the whole recruiting organisation needs a massive rethink.


That’s obviously bad reasoning. If someone thinks Matheison would have been a good pickup at 30 you simply can’t make the claim that he was overlooked by everyone as a pick 30 proposition, it means that 7 specific teams did. Maybe more wouldn’t have taken him, but you just don’t know. What other teams did with pick 5 or 10 or 25 says absolutely nothing about whether they rated Mathieson as being worth pick 30.


pick 39 not 30

Never mind, just understood what you were saying.

I disagree though. If he is highly touted then he will get picked up well before 30. As it was Brisbane has 3 picks before then and picked other players instead.


And what we did also doesn’t say whether we rated him with 30. Just that we rated the others higher in terms of what we wanted to get in the list at the time.

But is Mathieson really that much of a miss? He wouldn’t get a game for us with Woosha’s preferred game plan.


Edited in response to your edit.

Well I guess we’ll agree to disagree because I think you can rate a player as being a great get with pick 30 but think he’d be ridiculous to spend pick 10 on. If someone was saying he was a top 20 pick then I totally concur that every team disagreed.




Now my response makes no sense, as I completely misunderstood as well!!

Oh well, I’ll leave it there…




Good post.

Obviously as your list evolves your needs and priorities change. I think in the foundation years of a list build you’d do will to churn through as many guys with footy smarts, skills and toughness as possible while at the same time taking the best kps available where the opportunities present. Once that core is established you can prioritise through trade/fa/draft some flanker/run a carry types.

Geelong never had on overly quick side but was stacked with some of the best/smartest footballers going around. Sydney for the last decade has been regarded as a tough, contested side but the player that transformed their game into something more in 2012 was Jetta as almost the single point of difference in that team.

Over the last decade I feel our list has been overflowing with lightly framed flankers with average skills/smarts and ball winning ability. As hm says we’ve continually favoured upside picks over safe ones. Given our performance over the last decade you have to question that approach surely


Ben McNeice is better and cheaper.


He’s leaving for more opportunity. What more opportunity did he deserve? He was lucky to get picked in the VFL every week on form.


Good luck to him. He’ll get more opportunity at NM and could trigger a 2Nd Year if he does ok. He’s doing the right thing for himself.


Agree with most of your post.

This is the key bit though. Is it accurate? Our list may have had a few of those types, but what was the core of our team? Slow, strong ball winners who (for the most part) could find the ball at will. Watson obviously, but also guys like Hocking and Myers and Stanton (although not quite the same).

The problem that was continually diagnosed over the last decade has been line breaking, dynamic mids. Has the favoritism of “upside picks” been due to the perception that we had the core units in place already? That we were trying to find something specific that took what we had to a different level?

And was last year’s bolstering of “core types” a new approach, or a new build because it was time for some new core pieces?

I don’t know the behind the scenes thinking, but I think we were close in that 2013 era. Circumstance ruined that build, but I feel like the general approach over the last while has been ok.

Sometimes upside is the right decision. Sometimes it’s not.

Hopefully what we have now is a list that only requires tinkering with over the next decade to stay competitive at the top end.


All of these guys had skill deficiencies though. Some were able to work on the weaknesses, some weren’t. I agree we were close in 2013 and lacking outside speed. We’ll never know how close obviously but i still think Hawthorn had us covered pretty easily.


Yeah for sure.

But would have been an interesting call spending drafts trying to upgrade those guys while there were bigger, more glaring deficiencies.


He’s just been injured.


How can you question Dodoro’s drafting when he just drafted 3 x 200 gamers with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pick.

1st - Stringer
2nd -Saad
3rd - Smith

Pretty good hit rate there :wink:


Who cares.

He obviously doesn’t back his talent. He looked up and saw McGrath, Saad, McKenna and McNeice all ahead of him and thought he can’t get a game ahead of them.

Good luck to him and hopefully he gets a game because he wouldn’t get one in ours.


Yep. Although I’m not sure about hoping he gets a game, although it won’t be hard where he is going.

I get it, but being supported through injury by a club and then returning to be gifted games in the VFL only to reject a contract from that same club says a lot.