Left Essendon - Alex Morgan


Jarrad Waite, Ryan Clarke, Braydon Preuss, Alex Morgan, Billy Hartung, Tom Jeffries, Mitch Hibberd, Oscar Junker, Declan Mountford, Gordon Narrier, Daniel Nielson and Josh Williams

Departures of of #CleanoutCarlton proportions. How many draft picks do Norf have. ?


Based on that list, 5 and 2 rookies.


Didnt they clean out a similar amount of players a year or two back?


Cut 12 players , clearly building up that warchest again, ready for next years top Free Agents to say, “Go to North? Meh, no thanks”


Leaves as he got a 2yr contract

Cut after 1yr

Nice work Morgs


Could have been a star had he had AFL traits.


Pretty sure his contract was 1 year with triggers for a second. Obviously didn’t meet the triggers


As many draft picks as they want/need.


Shhhh. If you mention his name Wim will appear. It’s like Beetlejuice


Pick 29!


That’s an awesome name though… oscar junker