Left Essendon - Alex Morgan


I hope he has a better career then Mathieson, but not as good as Redman.


Mathieson has lifted his game of late.


Who cares what these guys do?









I’ve slept in a wet suit before, but never a wetsuit.


Same Moscow hotel as Trump eh?


As a counterpoint one of my best mates went surfing in a business suit for laughs and a great insta avatar.


Sure sure, we all know he did it for his Tinder profile





delisted by north


And so ends a sorry tale of what could never have been…


He actually looked alright on debut I thought


The NM press release seems to suggest he might be rookied by them…


“Alex made a real fist of his time at North but unfortunately some recent acquisitions have meant more changes were needed to our list,” North football manager Cameron Joyce said on Thursday.

That feeling when you get bumped off a list because of Jasper Pittard.


Nice bloke, shame it didn’t work out for him.


He at least got a debut out of moving clubs. pushed a lot out of being a painfully mediocre player. good on him