Let's purchase Reynolds' Brownlow medals [Update: Back home]

Reported by @CandiceWyatt10’s on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CandiceWyatt10/status/889790964922859520?s=09

A wild Go Fund Me page appeared:

I’ve donated. Get on board.

The campaign has been cancelled, and donations have been refunded.

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I love that you worked Pokemon into your post :joy:

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Then let’s ask Jobewan ands Hird to model the medals on their return to the club.

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Paul Little would have $750k stuck behind the couch

Does anybody know the guy who started the page? Obviously a Bomber fan and Matty Lloyd RTd it. I’d rather give my money to the club though if that were to become an option.

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Yep, makes a lot more sense

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He’s raising money so that the club can buy these medals at an auction? Is that what he’s doing?

How good are you to win 3x of them? F*cken Hell.


Why are the medals being sold?

Saw a report that Hirdy is selling a lot of his memorabilia. Would be great if the club bought it all and put it on display in the museum.

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yeah I was going to say that would be his lunch money

Is it possible that the club has cooked this up with the Reynolds and Hird as a bit of a debt buster?

It is not.

I am surprised the family is selling the medals. If it was my family heirloom I would do everything I could not to sell them. My grandfather was an antique and book dealer, and I got alot of things when he passed away. I would never dream of selling them and will pass them onto my kids. They are nowhere near as valuable. But I guess each to their own I hope they are bought by the club or MCG museum.

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The daughter was interviewed today and explained that there are four children and the will allowed for the three Brownlows to be given to the three boys and a cameo to her. The boys discssued the matter and decided that when you included grandchildren, it would mean that although the medals would be ‘in the family’ they would be split up and the daughter’s family misses out. They want the medals to stay together.and hopefully be on public display.


They are free to donate them then


Absolutely. They’d look great alongside the 16 cups in the foyer at Tulla.

Really hoping the club has a red hot crack at this - although I know this sort of money doesn’t come easy for anyone or any organisation.

Any input @Paul_Cousins @Catherine_Lio ?

But why do you need an auction ? Just donate them to EFC.

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The Hun is reporting that the medals could be worth up to $250k.

And when he won the first it was at an age that he is still the youngest-ever winner. That record will not be broken.