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Carlisle is almost back to career best form. You can't teach that ■■■■, marking from 4 deep. Once fletch retires and JC goes back we will be on track.
Right.... Because our forward line will look so much better with even less targets to go to. And I don't get this delusion that any of Carlisle, Hooker or Hurley are mobile enough to play 3rd defender. Fletch is a freak.

Carlisle is almost back to career best form. You can’t teach that ■■■■, marking from 4 deep. Once fletch retires and JC goes back we will be on track.

We kick straight this thread is going strong. We will put our kicking boots on and things will fall into place.

We still have the saga looming over and there are players settling into position. Not to mention we are missing some key inside players.

It’s Round 9. Come back after Round 15 and we can talk.

Lid off

This season is not done yet. Richmond killed Port last week, and if it wasn’t for bad goal kicking we would have been winning at three quarter time. It was only the last quarter where they were the better team anywhere except the scoreboard.

We are one win outside the top eight. Chances of finishing top 4 have diminished, but if we can turn things around and finish strongly we can be in finals and win some. And there are some good signs:

  1. Although the next 3 weeks are hard, after that for the final 10 games of the season we play only one game against the top 4 (GWS) and 5 games against teams currently in the bottom 6. So we could build up some steam heading towards finals, as long as we can start winning some of the '8 point' games.
  2. The JD/Carlisle combination is getting better. They 8 shots on goal last night, and although their kicking was atrocious (3 behinds & 2 OOF), that's not normal. JD's been good this year, and historically Carlisle has either broken even or been a good goal kicker. So that will come back. Those two up and about should straighten us up, provide more goals, and give crumbers more opportunities.
  3. We have a settled backline, and are fantastic at restricting scoring. Top sides usually have that feature.
  4. We have Hocking, Myers and Winders to return. All give us things we have been sorely lacking.
  5. No team has been able to flog us except Collingwood, and with the exception of Anzac day we've been in virtually every game. So a small margin of improvement would change a lot of results.

I’ll fully admit I now have doubts about the season. But there are still reasons to have some optimism. It is all on Hirdy & co to turn it around in the players heads.


Can hear the tumbleweeds blowing through the corridors of failure.
Lid off - not in this decade

Can’t wait for tomorrow to smash these pea hearted bunch of wide receivers
Murphy and Gibbs will be drawing straws to see who can get the best position outside of the pack to collect the footy bruise free
Our inside mids are going to have an absolute feast vs Captain Eye Gouge and Italian for Turnover
JD and Buckets to clunk everything
Ambrose to fkg bury one of their softc*ck outside players
Hooker/Hurls to send Liam Jones back to the Northern Bullants where he belongs
Need to belt this mob, Malthouse and Judd opening their traps and kicking us while we’re down is a low act and there needs to be recompense
15+ goal belting will be a nice first step

Wish it was our home game… need to put a montage of Ambrose destroying people up on the big screen for 10 minutes during the warm up. Might have 22 ‘late’ withdrawals from FC with ‘injuries’…

Lid was off months ago… tomorrow is going to be the day we melt it into a stretcher for Ambo victims…

Walker in for Fark carlton.
Welcome to spear city
Bring ya shovel

Paddy ambrose reveals his tackling coach. photo image_3.jpg" />


This weekend the essendon BOMBERS will beat carlscum by the biggest afl/vfl margin in the history of the game.
Mark that down.

Now you know I don’t like to be perpetually depressed and therefore heartily endorse this thread… but I snorted a couple times at this one:

l thought for a moment you said you snorted a couple of lines.

Now you know I don’t like to be perpetually depressed and therefore heartily endorse this thread… but I snorted a couple times at this one:

Lectio difficilior potior.

Beware the turkey basters of Kempsey. The angel child who weeps, lays aloft the albatross in fortune. Hollis Brown, he lived on the outside of town. It is the tempests of yon, whom consider the beans of the lower upper lower north shore. Ne’er a scurvy-eyed wombat shall seeketh the brew pub of Tingalpa. Mitre mites might Mike Pike. The Rock Island line is a mighty fine line. Gay means happy, a ■■■■■ is a cat, a ■■■■ stops water overflowing.

Brace yourselves, ladies and gents, for the commencement not of an era, in the manner of an Bentick. But rather embrace the commencement of The Era. Live it and breathe it. Bring out your dead fer ye no longer needeth to lay back and cogitate on Albion, but lean slightly forward and rest your palms on your patella tendonitis. THIS IS ESSENDON. Coming soon to a spongy floor near you. ■■■■■ religionis.

Barba non facit philosophum.


Irrumabo Carlton.

Got a great record against this mob, I can’t remember the last time they beat us, must be more than 50-60 weeks back.

We are paying $101

Easy money*

*easy come easy go.

We’re close. Cooney back to his best, Giles to replicate that AA form he shown with GWS, Hepp wins the brownlow and Daniher to take the game apart.

I feel it, it’s going to happen.


Do i even need to? i've almost got paddy-gate out of my system.


Let’s get loud!