LID OFF 2017 - Went all in, on a bluff, and had it called! The flop gives us a chance, on the turn it's 50/50, we're home on the river. Now to make a big run at the final table!

LIDD OFF 2017.
No asada, no sanctions…
We coming for ya…

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New threadage

Thread derailage

But yes,

Lid offage


Rich and Compelling

I want to contribute. I really do

This thread is always fun

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I cant see us losing a game in 2017.

I envisage not a single Blitz meltdown for underperformance for the entire year.

Every goal, contested mark , good bit of play be the returning boys will be a win.

Every win will be joyous.

Better than The Sound of Music on blue meanies.

Is Mutley #backin?

We’re pretty highly rated

We're pretty highly rated
But rarely rate a mention as reaching the eight.

First team in history to go from spoon to flag in 1 season!

Count me in.

More contested ball depth
More KP depth
More ruck depth

Quality all over the park. If they try and tag Zac, Hepp and Zaharakis get off the chain.

Fantasia and Joe good for 60+ goals each.

Can’t see how we do anything other than win the flag.

If Fanta can kick 30+ in a ■■■■ team, I salivate at the thought of what he might do with some decent delivery, ball movement and space to work with…

This thread can only go well

Opposition supporters be very afraid. We are coming for you. There is no lid.