Lid on 2018 - have we gone to soon? Nervously hanging out for Friday


Guys - I don’t know what you are all worried about. Remember this is our #comebackstory. Everything is fine. How the ■■■■ can there be anything wrong with a #comebackstory? What part of #comebackstory aren’t you getting? The #? The comeback part? Or do you feel it’s all just a marketing slogan and that the issues of the club really haven’t been resolved and that we’ll be suffering from the saga for a decade or so? #comebackstory


Cool #Comebackstory Bro.


It’s the balance sheet comeback story.


Apparently Xavier Campbell has apologised to the players for his tweet after the game.

This can’t possibly get anymore ridiculous. You think there is a strong stance coming from the clubs leadership, and then back to gracious Essendon again. ‘I’m just happy to be part of a great club’ mentality.

When is the club going to own up to how pathetic it actually is. There are 20 year old supporters who don’t recall an Essendon premiership. In fact any 20 year old just expects that we’d lose a game like the weekend. They would honestly think that is the Essendon brand. Which it is.


Why couldn’t Xavier say what a pathetic club Essendon is?? Why does he LIE!!!


I am going to write X an email demanding he apologise for apologising to the players.

He’ll probably do it.


Hmmmm…pretty sure he said it was “embarrassing” and “Not good enough”, can’t remember hearing him say sorry. Sounded alot like the Bugg “apology” after the Friday night match.

And if they are upset over what Campbell Tweeted then I doubt any apology Hep may have said in the press conference was genuine


He apologised to the playing group in person.


It’s a ‘sorry’ saga


X needs some twitter training from trump. No retractions… Ever!


Maybe X could also learn how to MAKE ESSENDON GREAT AGAIN.


If any player was upset or offended by Xavier Campbell’s tweet. Then they need to get the f*ck out of the club. I don’t care which player(s) they are.

No wonder our players are fragile under any amount of pressure.


Many of us are fragile and have been over the past four years. This was supposed to be comeback year. Comeback to what? Intestinal fortitude we need some.

Frankly X’s apology to us for a lousy showing playing Brisbane then, he apologises to the players for apologising is urine weak. Mix a couple of bags of cement in their shakes please and X have a double.


The club need to show a united front. You can’t have the CEO publicly bagging the players/performance. X spoke to the leadership group and provided context. That is, supporters would’ve been gutted with the loss so he was standing up for supporters and not attacking individuals as such, more the result.

But what he did on Sunday was wrong, although it made all of us feel pretty good. X is a powerful man and he’ll have bench marks the football department need to meet. If they don’t, either changes will be made to personnel or additional resources provided or most likely both.


Good excuse for a loss this weekend. The ceo’s tweet cost us.

What a time to be alive.


Players could show a united front and not capitulate to the team thats dead last… but whatever.


The pr spin that is coming out of all clubs, not just ours, is atrocious. I wonder if they get people, not all but at least half can see right through it ?

or maybe they just don’t care, cos they know suckers are emotionally invested and despite all the huffing and puffing, will turn up next week, no matter what ?

IF the players honestly wanted or needed an apology, then X should have merely pointed the players to go and read this site, if they felt his words weren’t justified.
Cos the overwhelming response to that loss, was the realisation by alot, and wake up call that despite all the ground this club and players had made in prior weeks, they are still a mediocre mentality side.

And people are sick of it. Without the last 4 years they may have still be easily manipulated into thinking or believing success is “just around the corner” cos “we are essendon” (sigh).

But the last 4 years did happen, and it showed they can cop a hell of alot, and still keep coming back to support this club. But they won’t condone insipid performances anymore.


The supporters haven’t been this livid after a home & away loss since the Knights Era.

Rightfully so.

Unlike many other years, it’s not a matter of ability for most of our losses this year. It’s been a lack of desire, determination and self discipline.

We’ve been in winning positions against Richmond, Carlton, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We should not have lost those games.


If a CEO can’t say after a bad performance that it wasn’t good enough then they might as well not have a public profile at all. He included himself (“we let you down” not “you let us down” or “we were let down”) and used quite restrained language. Being united isn’t just say something nice or say nothing at all.

It was, I thought, a tiiiiny step up from “we were disappointed in the result”. It didn’t come within cooee of the kind of things Koch, McGuire, Brad Scott, Hardwick, that nutter at Gold Coast and so forth have said over the years.


Imagine this team round 1, 2018:

B: Baguley - Hartley - Gleeson
HB: Hurley - Ambrose - McKenna
C: McGrath - Kelly - Zaharakis
HF: Laverde - Hooker - Fantasia
F: Stewart - Daniher - Tipungwuti
Foll: Bellchambers - Heppell - Merrett
Int: Colyer - Goddard - Langford - Parish