Lid on 2018 - have we gone to soon? Nervously hanging out for Friday


Forget the marshmallows buy boxes of Kleenex. Is he fair dinkum of what?


Weak as ■■■■ if anyone was insulted by that tweet. He was far too restrained IMO.

Harden the ■■■■ up.


You know what? Some of the supporters won’t keep coming back to cop more. Nope they won’t.


Our club is much worse than mediocre. Our average ladder position over the past 14 seasons is 11.5. Average should be 8.5.


19 of those blokes couldn’t even beat the worst team in the comp at home 3 days ago.
EDIT: assuming you bolded Kelly because that’s Josh Kelly? And there is no way we are getting him


It’s a rebuild. It just happens to start next year. What choice did he have but to give the returning group a crack at the first half of the year, if it wasn’t for 15 minutes of bad football we would be 8-6 buuuut if your aunty… I know, I know. The fact is this is the first time he has seen this group together, he has run his pen through a few and he will run his pen through more as it’s clear we are no longer a finals chance. Rebuild starts in earnest at the end of the year and we build towards being a really good side with the young stars we have. I just hope we can address our age demographic as it’s a real issue.


If you want to put all this bullshit in perspective, and get a grip on reality, watch tonight’s “Anh Do’s Brush With Fame” episode with Samuel Johnson.

If you don’t laugh, cry, marvel at the powers of human resilience, and get ultimately incredibly inspired, give up,. … you’re already dead inside.

It’s always been a great 30 mins of TV, but it surpassed itself tonight.


All of this

The good? bad? thing is we look good up forward and OK down back. Get the midfield sorted and we’re in business.


Yeah why not.
X had as many kicks in the last quarter as the leadership group combined. So sure, put ■■■■ on him.

Others are screaming at the coach (5th coach in a row with the exact same fault, what are the chances??), now the administration?

Fucken softest thing I’ve ever heard. Any player who is comfortable with their last quarter efforts the last two weeks should be ashamed. Anyone who wants to point the finger outside the 22 has lost the plot.


Would love to believe this is true.
I don’t.


Hocking, Stanton and Birds papers appear to be stamped by the halfway mark. I’m sure there are at least 6 more that will be moved on/retired by years end. I’d be very surprised if we didn’t see some games from Mutch, Begley and Laverde in the back half possibly Redman or Ridley. Our biggest issue is we could perceivabley move on Watson, Howlett, Bird and Hocking from our list and there just isn’t any replacements ready. As many have pointed out our midfield list management has been very poor and it’s very hard to address unless you go to the draft and then you are looking at a longer build, especially for big inside players. When anyone says Langford is a forward I cringe, we absolutely need him to be a ball winning mid if we believe he can do it we have to put the time in, unfortunately he is pretty crucial to our list balance.


yes they will.
The afl, clubs players all know that pretty much supporters will continue to come no matter what. They know they have people by an emotional attachment.

I mean remember in 2011 after hirds first season making the 8, the club changed it’s seating system cos of it to make more money ?
remember how people weren’t going to go cos of it ?

The saga, how did that go for reducing numbers and support ?
I mean last year we were still ranked in the top 4 for attendences

It’s like being stuck in a bad marriage. You know it’s bad, you know that you should prolly call it quits, but you’ve come this far, so you might as well just stick it out and hope they die before you ( afl as a whole, not aimed solely at essendon).


one of the biggest issues is though, to your first part, out of all the returning players, pretty much only watson at present is questionable to not be there come next year from the starting 22…

this wasn’t a patch up job starting 22, this was supposedly our best starting 22 who lost, so therefore people are now worried that the demons of players past and yes some of the returning players, are starting to be transferred onto the next generation.

Hocking, stanton, howlett and myers have all been involved in their fair share of similar losses, but they weren’t playing on sunday.

there’s also the fact that you point out that bar 15 mins we could be 8-6 odd, well you can go back for most of the last decade and find a similar pattern. We couldda and shouldda won some games we lost, and we’d be high up the ladder.

You can rebuild or rotate players in and our all you like, but if they repeat the same mistakes year after year, rebuilding aint gonna mean ■■■■.


That does sound familiar, actually. But it isn’t about marriage.


I’m not sure what I’m more angry about. Us capitulating against Brisbane or X apologising for a very, very reasonable and fair tweet. What kind of world do we live in. X should cut and paste his tweets from the game Day threads on here

Fk me dead, who is running this sh*t show. What a fkn basket case we are becoming. Honestly, I’m so utterly disappointed in X apologising for that tweet

I actually wonder what it’s like to be a successful club


It would certainly be something to see

Review thread: ANZAC Day Dumpster fire

Post of the week


Nah dingus’ in the tyrone vickery thread is toppest of shelf.


I am ready to get a ‘SORRY’ tatt on my forehead for the amount of times I have to apologise to my wife.thanks to the footy season and especially the last few weeks.


Yes I agree, I wasn’t excusing the performance last week we have some genuine issues to overcome. My point was more around the fact that we hadn’t been blooding a bunch of younger players as rightly in my view in a very open season we were having a crack with a fairly experienced group. Is there something rotten in Amsterdam? Well I think it’s hard to argue their isnt a cultural issue at play and it’s something that needs to be addressed I can say from the wider football club a lot of work has gone into developing a strategy, vision etc… part of this is project I assume would be to define the culture you want to become and go about making meaningful, systemic change. This is a very hard thing to do for any organisation (especially one that has been culturally weak) and relies on strong, open and engaging leaders living the culture and values and an engaged workforce that buys in, but you also need to be ruthless, it’s a non negotiatiable - “this is where we are going and your either with us or you need to leave” type attitude. Im not privy to how this is being done at the club but I would hope that it’s a cornerstone of the project. After all Im sure Richmond in the 90s had words on the wall talking to courage and strength and unity. It’s leadership that will be the ultimate decider of whether we become a strength in the football world again, strong leadership throughout the club. Do we have it? I don’t know.